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11 Road Trip Budget Tips That Will Save You Extra Cash

road trip budget tips

Road trips are all the rage right now and for good reason.  You can experience the liberating feeling of independence as you drive on the open road.  You travel on your own schedule, can make spontaneous detours and stops to explore local spots, and the best part of all?  With the right planning and tricks, you can save a considerable amount of money. If you’re planning a road trip this summer, then take a look at our list of road trip budget tips. Using just one of these road trip budget tips can save you some serious funds.

Bring a Handy Travel Mug

road trip budget tips

You’re more than likely to stop at a coffee shop or two while driving, so save a couple of cents and bring your own travel mug.  With a travel mug like this KeepCup, you can save $0.10 at chain coffee shops like Starbucks and other local coffee shops.

Pack a Portable Espresso Maker

road trip budget tips

Skip buying coffee on your trip altogether and pull your own espresso with a portable and easy to pack Espresso Maker.  Pack your favorite coffee blend and have a shot of caffeine any time, any place.

Float for Free on Your Own Pool Float

road trip budget tips

Bring your own pool float and come prepared to float on any lazy river or water hole you see while driving to your destination.  Some state swimming holes and lakes have pool floats and rafts to rent but save yourself a couple bucks and pack a cute, Pool Float.  Keep your floatie compact and easy to stow away during your time on the road and bring a portable air pump to blow up your floatie when you’re ready to float.

Travel With Your Own Water Bottle

road trip budget tips

Skip buying water bottles at gas stations and bring your own Water Bottle . Refill it with fresh water at every gas station or restaurant.

Go CouchSurfing

road trip budget tips

Spend the night in a local’s home for free with Couchsurfing instead of paying for a hotel or Airbnb. Use this inclusive community to really immerse yourself in the culture, make new friends, save money and learn about the local spots.

Eat Oatmeal for Breakfast

road trip budget tips

Save money and try to only eat out twice a day. For breakfast pack yourself a bag of oatmeal or Instant Oatmeal packets. They’re healthy, easy to pack and prepare and will keep you full all the way till lunch time!

Download and Use Filld

road trip budget tips

Gas is a cost factor that will make up a majority of your budget.  Use Filld to pay the lowest price of the three gas stations closest to your location and have a Filld employee fill your car up. With this nifty service you can save time searching for a gas station, save money and drive carefree with a full tank!

Hop on That Free Wi-Fi

road trip budget tips

If you don’t have the privilege of unlimited data, then save your data for the important things like getting directions and hop on free Wi-fi whenever you can.  With Find Free Wi-Fi you can find passwords to reliable Wi-Fi spots closest to you. Now you can use your phone to post that Instagram pic or look up the best burger joint without maxing out your data.


road trip budget tips

Skip spending $10 on that extra drink and pack your own rosé, beer, or alcohol of your choice.  Break it out while relaxing on the beach or before a night of exploring the nightlife. Just make sure to drink responsibly and only drive with unopened bottles

Use Mint to Track All Your Spending

road trip budget tips

Set a budget before you embark on your road trip and stick to it. Use Mint to track your expenses and show you where you should cut back and how spending on your trip affects your overall expenses.

Pack Your Snacks

road trip budget tips

Last but not least, avoid buying overpriced candies and chips at the gas station.  Stock up on your favorite snacks at your local grocery store before you take off so you’ll have food handy and ready to access whenever you need it!

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