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Millennial Pink & Rose Gold Wedding Gifts

rose gold wedding gifts

Rose Gold and Millennial Pink are two lovely hues that are sticking around and filling the homes of bride-to-bes. The pink metallic and muted pink shades are still one of the hottest colors around, so buy your favorite bride millennial pink and rose gold wedding gifts.

Whether it’s home decor gifts, kitchen essentials or bath gifts, any classic wedding gift will look fab in these “it” colors. Plus you don’t have to worry about these tones being too trendy. People’s Instagram photos and fashion designer’s latest lines are telling us that these popular colors will always be in style.

Scroll down to see what millennial pink and rose gold wedding gifts your blushing bride-to-be will love.

Rose Gold Wedding Gifts

Rose Gold Tea Infuser

rose gold wedding gifts

Out of all the rose gold wedding gifts, this Rose Gold Tea Infuser is the sweetest! Dainty, shiny and easy to use, this precious tea infuser will brighten up your morning. It comes in a heart style, strawberry style and pineapple style, so choose a shape that best fits your bride’s personality. This charming tea infuser is also made with stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about future  water stains.

Rose Gold Tea Kettle

rose gold wedding gifts

The more rose gold tea wedding gifts the better! Give the ultimate rose gold gift set and pair the Rose Gold Tea Infuser with this Rose Gold Tea Kettle! This beautiful kettle is a staple kitchen item that any new couple will appreciate and use. It’s a classic tea kettle that whistles once the water is fully heated. Its rose gold shine makes it pop and it’s a gift that will immediately update any kitchen.

Rose Gold Ice Cream Scoop

rose gold wedding gifts

Rose gold exudes elegance, so obviously there had to be a luxurious gift on the rose gold wedding gifts list. Cue the Rose Gold Ice Cream Scooper! Make serving ice cream a lavish task with this fancy ice cream scooper. This ice cream scooper is so gorgeous, your bride will want to display it as a decoration. It’s the best wedding gift for brides who are used to the finer things in life.

Rose Gold Clock

rose gold wedding gifts

Clocks are home decor staple pieces that add an air of nobility, so a Rose Gold clock is just royal. If you’re looking for rose gold wedding gifts for a bride who acts like royalty, then look no further. This Rose Gold Clock is fit for a queen and adds an air of sophistication to any room. Any bride who owns this modern yet regal piece will feel like a princess, so move over Kate!

Millennial Pink Wedding Gifts

Pink Ruffle Bowl

rose gold wedding gifts

How dreamy are these Pink Ruffle Bowls? This is the bowl set to give to the bride that loves all things pink. Each hand-glazed bowl features an ombre that starts from a pure white and ends in a pink matte finish. All dressed up in pretty pink ruffles, these millennial pink bowls make everything you serve look extra scrumptious!

Concrete Canister

rose gold wedding gifts

If your shopping for a bride who is into millennial pink and has a modern, minimal style, then you need to get her these millennial pink Concrete Canisters. These contemporary concrete canisters showcase pink tops with contrasting bases for the perfect balance of beauty and order. They can be used in the kitchen to hold utensils or to hold cotton swabs and update a bathroom vanity.

Floral Dinnerware

rose gold wedding gifts

This is the millennial pink gift for any flower obsessed bride. Forget the fine china and instead give a pretty in pink Floral Dinnerware set. These lovely pastel ceramic dishes come in flower shaped bowls and plates. Give the soon-to-be bride a few blossoms or present her with a full bouquet.

Cotton Bath Rug

rose gold wedding gifts

Add a touch of millennial pink to your bride’s bathroom with this charming Cotton Bath Rug.  This cheery and soft cotton bath rug comes in two styles. A romantic heart shaped bath rug that screams “newlyweds” and a rug that says “bath” and reminds you why you walked into the bathroom in the first place.

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