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Best Tech Gifts Reviews from Our Customers

In order to recommend the most up-to-date, finest tech gifts, we are constantly testing the latest products. So, whether you want to choose a cool gadget as a gift or just get some tips from these reviews, this guide will help you to find the most honest feedback!

Portable CD Player

This CD player is a perfect way to play music from your collection. Display it in your living room or bedroom alongside your record player and vinyl records for a cohesive look, or keep it out of sight on a shelf as a subtle decorative accent. Either way, you’ll love the sound of our CD player.

“I’ve always seen Apollo items on Instagram, but was skeptical at first. The CD Player came in less time than I expected, once I got my tracking info I was able to see exactly when it was coming in. I was so excited opening up the box! This CD player was exactly as advertised. The wood design made it look like a mini vinyl player. Setup was relatively easy and self explanatory. The only thing I must have missed, I was expecting headphones to be in it, but I have my own and the sound was dynamic!! There are some other options to also use it on speaker. As a medical student, it’s cool to pull my Walkman out and listen to the cd-rom version of my textbook, OR my Beyoncé cd that I still have.” —Raven

“I love the Manty CD Player. It’s light, smooth and has a beautiful retro aesthetic. It’s really easy to use, the sound is great and can be hooked up to a variety of audio outlets. It looks great in your living room while hosting dinner parties and such. On the downside, I didn’t like that it’s not remote and needs to be plugged in. So its purpose is more of a stationary device. An overall review, I think it’s a stationary device that gives you a nostalgic feeling of past times, when CD’s were part of our day to day life. And also can bring a lot of conversation over it because is really hard not to notice this little guy. I’m definitely making plans for a dinner party so my friends can come over and enjoy listening to The Beatles over a glass of wine!” —Rosa

Plymouth Earbuds

If you’re looking for a wireless way to jam out, look no further. Our Plymouth Earbuds have a vintage green color and are perfect for those who don’t want to be chained down by wires. They’re lightweight and small enough to keep in your pocket without being a hassle, so you can rock out wherever you go. Let your favorite tunes follow you wherever you go with these Plymouth Earbuds!

“I have these earbuds in green. I really love the retro looking charging case. It looks like an old fashion radio and I have had quite a few people ask me where I got them from. They are easy to charge, sound great and are simple to connect to Bluetooth on my iPad. The sound quality it’s just the sameAs those other more expensive earbuds. I would definitely recommend these to anybody that is looking for a great Christmas or birthday gift. So much more reasonably priced than other ones on the market.”–Lorene

“Green is my lucky color, which brings me these great green earbuds!” —Carole

These Plymouth Earbuds are awesome!! I got them in green, and not only are these earbuds super stylish and cool-looking, the packaging is also so beautiful! These wireless earbuds definitely make an amazing gift for the holidays! The sound quality of these earbuds is excellent! This was my first time trying out bluetooth headphones and while I was a little confused at first how to start using them, the instructions were very helpful and I was able to figure out pretty quickly how to operate these earbuds! Connecting these earbuds to my phone was pretty easy as well! While I’m still exploring the features of these earbuds and learning how to use them, I really like that these earbuds have a voice assistant as well! I’m so excited to have these wireless earbuds especially because I’m used to having to replace earphones often due to the wires on my earphones becoming damaged over time, causing loss of sound quality in one or both ears. That won’t be a problem at all with these wireless bluetooth earbuds, and I’m so excited and happy about that especially! Again, I love the sound quality of these earbuds so much!! And the tiny charging case is so convenient and easy to take anywhere! I definitely recommend buying these earbuds! —Kelly 

“Christmas is coming around, so what better time to get someone in your life these amazing pair of earbuds?? I recently got the green colour as that’s my favourite, but the look is retro and honestly satisfied my love of all things old 🙂 I waited to review these and used them for about a week before I posted this review! The earbuds are really great quality, and very easy to work with in terms of pairing to any device (I tried it on my phone and laptop – I have Apple products). They are excellent for any purpose really, I used them to answer calls, listen to RED (TAYLOR’S VERSION), and watch lectures over the past week. The charge lasts a long time and I am so happy with the quick charge of the case as well. I also am not great with the in-ear earbuds so these were the perfect fit for me. I got so many compliments on them in the past week!! My boyfriend keeps taking them because they are just that great. Might have to get him a pair for Christmas haha. The size is very comparable to AirPods and so is the performance! Definitely a more affordable and cuter alternative to AirPods if you are looking for that!” —Meetika

“These Liberfeel Plymouth Earbuds are adorable, love the retro style but that’s just the beginning of how amazing these earbuds are. I’ve used these Plymouth Earbuds for a week now and I’m beyond impressed. So here goes, hope I don’t leave anything out. The earbuds are cute, the packaging is cute too, pairing them to my Samsung 8+ was a breeze, my phone recognized the earbuds immediately. I also paired them with my Blackview BV9900 Pro with ease as well, now my earbuds are ready at any time. Put in pairing mode and wait for Liberfeel T 11 to show up and then connect. I’ve never used these type of earbuds before, I’ve always used in ear type, these are half ear, I liked them much more than I expected.” —Jennifer

Vintage Look Bluetooth Speaker

This vintage look bluetooth speaker has a portable mini size with a unique design that makes it perfect for any occasion. Choose from three colors to match your style, and enjoy the convenient bluetooth playtime.

“I love this little speaker!! It connects easy, sounds great and is so cute and tiny ahh!! I just adore it!!”–Shay

“It really blew my expectations. It’s super duper small, almost small enough to leave on a keychain. I put mine on a crossbody purse. The battery life is great And it’s surprisingly really loud especially considering how small it is I love it.”–Imani

“I love this little speaker. Obsessed. On top of it being so cute and so portable, the amount of sound you get from it was extremely surprising. I mean it is PLENTY loud. I want to see how it holds up over time but I’m very pleased with it! Perfect for yourself or a gift”–Constance

“I was quite surprised to see how small this speaker was when I received it. It fits in the palm of my hand. I was also surprised at how good the sound quality and volume were for the small size of the product. I like that the buttons are all functional and not just for show. Its compact size makes it perfect to travel with. * I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.*”–KayyBreww

Vacuum Sealer

This is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their food fresh. The vacuum sealer sucks all the air out of a bag and offers several modes to make it easy to keep everything as fresh as can be.

“The vacuum sealer works with the simple push of a button and offers several modes to make it easy to keep everything as fresh as can be.”–kaylee

“I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. I wanted to try this because I do a lot of home cooking, but it turned out to be really useful at work, too. Instead of throwing out leftover popcorn that we pop fresh everyday, we can now save it and seal it for shelf stability. The heat seal is very easy to use, doesn’t take very long, and doesn’t feel too dangerous to handle if I have to work quickly. The plastic bags that come with the vacuum sealer are okay, but actually this machine works best for me with different heat-sealable packaging that I was able to find pretty cheaply online. I don’t know that I’d try to store something like fresh meat or vegetables using this, but for a casual user trying to divvy up meat for the freezer or pickled and dry goods for the pantry and fridge drawers, it does the trick and stores away very easily! Thank you to Apollo Box for letting me give this one a go, I will definitely keep using it.”–Julian

“I’ve had several vacuum sealers before and in comparison to others I’ve owned this one is better then most of the name brand overly priced versions. This vacuum sealer is lightweight and is simple with a push of a button. It seals different kinds of food and does a quality job. Pros: lightweight, simple to use, works with a variety of foods, easy to clean, seals well Cons: only provides a few bags and does not tell you where you can get new ones (although you can Amazon them after I did some looking) Overall I would recommend this product. It’s worth the price and does a quality job. Disclaimer: I did receive this product free of charge in return for an honest review.”–Cathy

“I absolutely love the Vacuum Sealer!! I received one to test from Apollo Box. This Vacuum Sealer is a fun, easy way to keep food fresh!! It keeps your food from freezer burn while sealing in the freshness. I personally bought some meats in bulk and vacuum sealed them with this neat Vacuum Sealer. It saved me a lot of money by buying my foods in bulk to store for later. I do recommend not over-stuffing the bags as they may not seal as well. Overall, a great addition to any kitchen!! I highly recommend!!”–Bobbie

Seagull Bluetooth Speaker And Light

Add some ambient light, with a Bluetooth speaker that features a fun seagull design. There are two colors to choose from, so you can perfectly match your décor. Use our Seagull Bluetooth Speaker And Light in your bedroom, child’s nursery, or living room. It’s a great addition anywhere you use it.

“I received the pink Seagull Lamp free of charge by Apollo Box to submit an honest review and I can comfortably say I am so happy with the product. We have a two year old son and have been using this as a nightlight in his room and the booth feature to play white noise. The battery life is great and the sound is clear and great quality. We just took it on a trip and it makes the perfect travelling light and sound machine. The best part is it is so cute and aesthetically pleasing in making it an adorable addition to any decor. Highly recommend!!! Thanks Apollo Box, we love it!!!”–Sasha

“The Seagull speaker and light is even cuter in person! It’s the perfect size to fit on your desk or nightstand. It’s so easy to pair with your phone, and the sound quality is really good. The light has a dimmer, so you can have it very bright, or nice and low giving off just the right amount. It’s a great item!! Thank you Apollo Box for gifting this to me to try out.”–Allyson

“Seagull Bluetooth Speaker And Light is such a cute addition to your nightstand or child’s bedroom! It is made of quality materials and comes with a charging cable and instructions. The speaker is easy to use with a push button to play music synced with your phone’s bluetooth. The ambient light is very calming and relaxing. Thank you to Apollo Box for gifting me this seagull in exchange for my review. It is a very special gift that I will always cherish and pass down through generations to come. If you are in search of a unique and special gift, I highly recommend you consider gifting this seagull.”–Ronia

“I received the seagull lamp from the Apollo Box free of charge to test and provide an honest review. The seagull lamp is super cute! It is bigger than I expected it to be, which is great. I ended up with the pink seagull, which is a lovely dusty pink. The seagull’s belly lights up with 2 levels of brightness and even dims, perfect as a soft nightlight. The sound quality from the bluetooth speaker is average perfect for a bedroom speaker. A great gift for adults or kids or for yourself.”Amanda

“I received the seagull lamp from the Apollo Box free of charge to test and provide an honest review. The seagull lamp is beautifully made and super cute! The materials are all great quality and construction is superior. The seagull’s belly lights up with 2 levels of brightness and even dims, perfect as a soft nightlight. And the sound quality from the bluetooth speaker is good and very easy to use. It even talks and tells you when it needs to be charged. A great gift for adults or kids or for yourself – I highly recommend it!”–Lucy

Cute Bluetooth Earphones

Listening to your favorite tunes has never been easier with these Cute Bluetooth Earphones! Offered in three color schemes, these earphones feature a cute design that will make you want to leave these earphones out and on display! Play your favorite tunes on-demand with these Cute Bluetooth Earphones!

“The headphones are amazing, the size and all remind me of AirPods just more affordable especially for the little ones, i definitely recommend these they are definitely with it and yet so cute and functional.”–Kristy

“Have you ever received something that you didn’t know you needed? Thank you Apollo box for sending these out. I’m not sure how I was living my full aesthetic before these cute earbuds- good thing I am now! Adorable, convenient, quality, and don’t get me started on the crisp sound that these little babies produce. I own all the fruit based wireless headphones available and to tell you the truth I prefer these! The charge lasts longer and the wireless range is greater not to mention they are soooo much cuter! I often have fit issues with my fruit based earbuds, they are constantly falling out at the worst times (hello me trying to drown out all the distracting disturbing city noises only to have them drop out in front of a cute boy – awkward) but these stay stuck and allow me to blissfully disappear into a fantastical soundscape – lifesavers I tell you! These cute Bluetooth earbuds are my new favourite and I’m so excited- GET YOU SOME!”Christie

“Thanks Apolo for sending me these great Bluetooth earphones. The retro look is cool and I’m a fan of nice things that are buyable. As well as looking stylish, I’m happy to report they have great sound quality I thought and a solid battery life, which to me is important. They’re nice and ergonomic, fit well and are about the right size.. something that can be annoying when dealing with earphones. I like the calling feature and simple touch controls and it’s handy that it’s compatible with my iphone for ease of use. On the down side, I would probably just point out that there are some minor connectivity issues.. sometimes when I go past the kitchen the signal cuts out, but if I keep it kinda close to my phone, it’s all good. Overall I rate these earphones, they look good, sound good and are easy to use.”Nilusha

“These bluetooth headphones are just as cute as they look – it’s a completely unique case with a familiar-looking earbud design. I also like the way it lights up (double-clicking the front button toggles it on/off) – the sound output seems to have a wide range – I have struggled with other headphones being loud enough, especially when doing things like yard work or blow-drying my hair – but these are loud enough without having to max out the volume, which I love!”Caitlyn

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