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Pop-up Mushroom Play Tent—A Unique Playroom Accessory for Your Kids

Do your kids have their own secret base? Do you want to build a comfortable place to spend your parent-child time? Look no further than this Pop-up Mushroom Play Tent! Give your kids a brand new play tent to use at home or on the go.

The Mushroom Cotton Play Tent is a fun and colorful tent that provides your little one with a large space for playing. Here in their own exclusive space, they can store their favorite toys, do what they want to do, reading, drawing, and sleeping. What a perfect secret base!

This cute mushroom tent has a soft, comfortable, and breathable cotton cover, which keeps your child cool with its natural ventilation. It is also easy to install and take down, all with the help of the PVC pole and joints. You can disassemble and fold it quickly if not in use. Whether it’s indoors or out for camping trips, you can rest easy knowing your children are safe and sound with this play tent!

Although it’s a perfect tent for kids, you should note that it’s only suitable for kids over 1 year old.

It’s very easy to install, here are the instructions.

  1. As pictures shown, connect pole C together by joints G until a round frame is finished. Connect pole B together by joint H. Connect pole D with the 2 round frames as shown in picture 03.
  2. Insert pole F into joint H in picture 03. Then install rest joint H on the end of pole F, as shown in picture 04. Insert pole A into joint H, as shown in picture 05.
  3. Connect pole E together with joint I as shown in picture 06. Then install it on top of the frame in picture 05. Cover the fabric cover J on the finished frame.
  4. Done.

We have some customer’s pictures and reviews here. The tents they have shown look great no matter indoor or outdoor.

“Can’t wait to bring it to the beach!! I’m completely blown away by the quality of the structure!! The joints are not the basic type that I’m accustomed to buying at Home Depot. These joints are equipped with springs and a locking mechanism, ensuring the structure is secure. Instructions are clear and helpful… not frustrating lol”

“So warm to have a mushroom tent in my house! It’s really adorable.”

“My daughter loves her mushroom so much. Thank you!”

“It pairs well with my living room! Love it!”

This mushroom tent is a great choice for interior decoration or outdoor camping, and a good place for kids to play in or for toys storage. Children’s imagination, creativity and independence will get developed while playing in this tent. Just let it accompany your kids to grow up!

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