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6 Items You Should Bring on a Road Trip

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Summer means planning pool parties, 4th of July, late nights to enjoy summer drinks and a road trip.  Want to drive by rolling hills, deserts, the mountains or the coast?  Then pack up your bag, map out your destination and hit the open road.

One of the number one rules of the road is to be prepared.  So we took the time to make a list of items that will make your traveling more enjoyable and convenient.  Make the most of your trip and bring these 6 items on your next road trip!


Traveling Coffee Cup or Mug

Coffee is a must.  You’re bound to pull over a couple times to get a good ol’ cup o’ Joe. Whoever’s riding shotgun is also going to need a drink if they plan on keeping you awake once nighttime falls.

You’re already using some natural resources on your trip (ahem, gas), so skip the paper cups and bring your own travel mug.  This KeepCup Brew is the world’s first barista standard reusable cup.  Get BYOC discounts, caffeine and a peace of mind knowing that you’re conserving the world you’re traveling.

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Ice Coffee Maker

Since we’re on the topic of coffee we might as well stay here a little longer.  Iced coffee is a summer favorite, so why not have a device that can make iced coffee within a matter of seconds?

This HyperChiller Ice Coffee Maker can transform freshly brewed coffee to refreshing iced coffee within 60 seconds without any dilution.  Throw this invention in the back of your truck for those instances when you order your piping hot, medium dark brew, and realize 20 miles later that you’ve made a mistake.


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Compact Blanket

Space is essential when preparing for a road trip, especially a long one.  Blankets are also an essential to pack when you go on a road trip.  You never know when you’ll be driving and then find a spot on the side of the road that will give you the best view of a sunrise or sunset.

So choose a blanket that won’t take up much space and pack this Matador Mini.  It’s water resistant, puncture resistant and when folded can fit into your pocket.

road trip

Water Bottle

Hydration is a summer necessity and a road trip golden rule.  You’re going to want to have several gallons of emergency water stored just in case your car breaks down on a sweltering day.

Buy a 40 pack case of water bottles just for good measure and keep the water bottles off limits and only for an emergency.  Bring your own water bottle to refill at every stop. These Mr. Box Matte Water Bottles are good bottles to invest in.  They have a wide mouth for ice and a lanyard that makes them easy to carry.

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Emergency Flashlight

Pack an emergency flashlight with your emergency water in case you have to sleep in your car and don’t like the dark.  Flashlights are an emergency essential you should always have in your car and this flashlight won’t disappoint.

The Touch 1K Flashlight can be used as a flashlight, mini lantern or phone charger.  It has a brightness of 1067 lumen, a high powered rechargeable battery and a dual charging feature that lets you charge phones and other devices in case of an emergency.

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A Road Trip Playlist 

The music you cruise too will have a huge impact on your trip and playing dj is a huge responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Especially when you’re stuck in a car with other people for hours on end.

To take the pressure off your hands, we’ve graciously prepared a playlist that will get you through 1 hour of the trip. Check out our 2017 Pool Party Party playlist for more jams. 

For more outdoor and road trip essentials go to our website, and make sure to visit our blog later this month for the top stops to make on a California and Arizona road trip!

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