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2021 September Quirky Gift Guide

Are you tired of being stuck in a rut? Or do you need more quirky gift inspiration? Try these carefully selected novel gifts we have prepared for you at Apollo Box! From the Quirky Body Parts Magnets, to the most on-trend Cute Cat Pen Holder, and everything in between, let these unusual gifts flaunt your unique style in the upcoming September!

Quirky Body Parts Magnets

The first quirky gift is these Body Parts Magnets. There is no denying that they will definitely add great fun to your home or your work space. Choose a mustache, a tooth, a nose or a daring bare breast. One magnet is not enough. Collect them all to create your own hilarious art!

Trash Can Inspired Mug With Spoon

What kind of trash are you? Recyclable waste, harmful waste, or other waste? Classify yourself or your eccentric friend and get him/her one of these three as a gift! The shovel inspired spoon adds even more whimsical fun to the whole set. Select one or a collection of three to form your own trash army!

Quirky Duck Phone Stands

Quack-Quack! Offered in two wood styles, these sullen duck brothers will put your phone securely up off of the surface, while making it easier to watch a show or do a video chat. Get one or a set of 2 to win everyone’s attention with these disgruntled ducks.

Traveling Frog Pin

Take this travelling frog pin with you and you will see the magic it brings! This quirky frog is a great conversation starter, and no one can stop smiling looking at this unusual accessory. Ready to hit the road, this unique gift would love to hitch a ride on your backpack or denim jacket!

Portable Glasses Case

Find a quirky shelter for your glasses! With so many styles to choose from, you can get a collection of all to match with your daily look. If you are still looking for a way to keep your eyeglasses protected when not in use, we recommend our chic Portable Glasses Case!

Grinning Dog Toy

Get quirky together with your beloved pet! Trust me, our Grinning Dog Toy will provide you and your dog with the most hilarious fun you could ever imagine. Don’t worry about the quality as durability is ensured for hours of play.

Artistic Face Flower Pot

Attention! These Artistic Face Flower Pots are probably the most quirky gifts in this collection. Get one eccentric pot, choose your carefully selected plant, and make it the hair of the character. You can even create a quirky family out of these flower pots!   

Crab Pen Holder

You can always need a quirky pen holder on your desk! Let this little guy do all of the heavy lifting on your desk. Offered in four fun colors, these crabs will prove their worth to you in daily use.

Glass Virus Inspired Desktop Decor

Have you ever played the game Plague Inc.? It’s your opportunity to collect your own virus! Choose the most quirky one from 5 interesting styles, and set it up in your office to add some ambience. Now tremble—the virus is coming!  

Alien Keyboard Caps

Add a funky look to your dull keyboard with our unique Alien Keyboard Caps. If you have any friends who actually believe in aliens or just do it for fun, these keyboard caps are perfect for them! With six unique styles to choose from, our out of this world accessory will give everyone a chuckle without doubt.

Cute Cat Pen Holder

No feline lover can refuse the eccentric charm of these Cute Cat Pen Holders. Keep your desk organized, with a place for pens, pencils, or other office essentials. There are 5 adorable styles, including a tabby and calico. Get one for yourself or your friend who loves cats!  

Creative Chip Bag Clips

Hey, check out this chip inspired clip, you foodie! Choose between a corn chip and a ridged potato chip, and keep your paperwork neat and tidy in the office. Oh, don’t forget to keep them away from your kids as these “chips” look extremely real.

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