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Reviews—Best Lighting Gifts to Add Ambiance to Any Space

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the best products. If you are hanging around to find some ambient light to make your space colorful, vibrant, chic, look no further than this unique lamp collection!

Rainbow Projection Light

“This was sent to me by Apollo Box to review via IG (@traveling_nin). This product is great quality, comes safe and sound all wrapped up and with dual-language instructions and a charging cord. The light is bright, especially for the size. You can twist the dial to move the rainbow and open/close the clamshell to adjust brightness. The charge lasts a few days and is a relaxing ambiance. I kept it on my desk while I studied and it was calming. Even when the light is off it is very pretty and the size makes it versatile. Great for a nightstand or travel. I will charge this and take this on my next adventure.”—Nycol

“I received this item free from Apollo Box to review. This is the cutest light and is so easy to use. It projects a very bright rainbow. You move the mirror on the bottom to adjust the angle of the rainbow and is the perfect nightlight and very easy to use.”—Casey

“I received this item from Apollo Box on Instagram to review. Upon opening it, it comes with instructions in Japanese and English, a cable charger, and the item itself wrapped in plastic. I was very impressed by how fast it charged, the colors are bright and even lasted for 4 days only charging it once before using it. The light will turn off by itself after leaving it on for a while. You can twist the dial that has the shiny strip inside the clam to determine how you want the rainbow to appear. Keep in mind there is a plastic film protecting the shiny strip for you to remove. Overall, in love with this clan light super cute!!.”—Stephanie

“I received this item for free from Apollo Box on Instagram to review. Most of the instructions are in Japanese, but there are English instructions on how to use the light on the inside of the shell. It’s very easy to use. You just have to angle the light and rotate the little reflective part. I highly recommend you place around with the angle you place the shell + how far from the wall it is, how you rotate the reflective part, how far you open the shell, and the setting you choose. You can get so many different looks and fun lighting for your room!”—Lorena

“I received this item from Apollo Box through Instagram in order to review it (@halfgingerish), and I love it! Very simple instructions, though it took me a second to find the English ones (on the inside of the light itself). You twist the dial on the shiny strip on the bottom half of the clam to manipulate where the rainbow sits. It charged VERY fast, is very vibrant, and is super cute! It’s about the size of my hand, for reference. Thank you to Apollo box for the item!”—Lauren

Dandelion Garden Lights (2 PCS)

“I received this solar light complimentary for my honest opinion. The whole process from shipping to putting it together was fast and efficient! I am really loving this cute dandelion light in my garden and will absolutely be purchasing more! The solar panel is very strong, it was lit up even on overcast days! Waterproof and durable, a great addition to anyone’s garden! You will not be disappointed with this purchase!”—Dionna

“I received the white dandelion garden light complimentary for providing a review. It arrived wrapped nicely in bubble wrap without instructions. There were only 3 pieces in the box so it was simple to put together. I was concerned about placing it in gravel as we live near the beach and don’t have grass but it was very easy. I placed it along the flowers in the front of the yard and it looks great at night. It’s much brighter than I expected. It really looks nice during the day too. It adds a fun element to the landscaping. I will likely order a few more to go around the front yard.”—Jamie

“I love this sculptural light just as much during the day as I do when it is lit up in our courtyard. It is sturdy and seems really well made. Neighbors commented on how neat it was before the sun went down and then loved it when it glowed at night. I am thinking about getting 4 more to make a circle of them as a focal point in our landscaping. I just love it! I received this light in exchange for my honest opinion.”—Tiffany

“I received this a couple of days ago. There wasn’t any instructions in the packaging so I was really confused as to how to make the light work, but after looking on the website it explains it all here. The price of the product for only one item seems very steep but since I got the product free in exchange for my review, I’m not sure how I’d actually feel about getting the item. Personally I think you’d need to get more than one to be happy. The product is bigger than I expected though! I do like how pretty it is and like seeing this little light on my front porch when I get home from wherever I’ve been. Unfortunately, the wires that make up the flower are very easy to bend so it is sort of fragile.”—Anna

“I received this beautiful solar light complimentary for my honest opinion. It came in the mail two days ago. I immediately put it together. Was very easy to set up. I put it out in my garden. Looks so great. Goes good with my theme. It was very overcast that day so I wasn’t expecting it to be enough sun but by night time it was glowing so bright. I was shocked honestly. So even on overcast days it works well. The quality is great. Very well made and sturdy. I love how the dandelion petals cast on the house at night. Looks very cool. Gives off a ton of light. Probably the brightest solar powered light I own. It rained today and still works wonderfully tonight so it’s waterproof like the description says. Definitely purchase more soon. I would highly recommend this product.”—Megan

Astronaut Galaxy Projector

“I received this Astronaut Galaxy Projector from Apollo Box to try for free in exchange for my honest review! This galaxy projector lamp is extremely cool! The galaxy patterns that it projects look so beautiful and mesmerizing! The nebula and star settings on this projector and remote control can be a little confusing at first to understand, but it doesn’t take long to get the hang of adjusting these settings if you use the little manual that’s included, though there’s still some settings I still need to figure out! The astronaut lamp itself is so cute and looks nice as decoration! The base that attaches to the astronaut sometimes doesn’t always stay put easily, but it’s not a big issue at all. This makes a great gift! In fact, I have a family member that likes this projector lamp so much, that I’m thinking of buying one for them on their birthday! Overall, I really love this lamp and totally recommend it, especially if you’re wanting to purchase a gift for someone!”Kelly

I just love the lights and the sound effects it has. All the different modes with the colors of the nebula are all super pleasing to the eye (my favorite is the pink). I also noticed that the arms of the astronaut were adjustable which were a nice extra detail. The stand it comes with is absolutely adorable, it doesn’t seem to attach to the astronaut that well so I just prefer mine to be free standing. The head is also adjustable since it is attached on to the body with the magnet, but you do have to be very careful since it can also mess with the wiring with the projection if it is not handled with care. I would be careful if you are getting it for a young child because it does not stand very well and the wires are easy to move out of place if the head is played with too wildly. But overall I loved this light projecting astronaut.(P.S. It is very bright so make sure to never look directly out of where the lights are coming out of!)”—Nicole

“It’s actually quite bright! As someone who loves to stargaze, this is really cool. The nebulas do turn and switch and I enjoy that the stars come and go too. I had my nephews over recently, and they absolutely loved it as well! The only issue I had was that the astronaut’s feet are not very secure if its body/head is angled. I think having magnets at the base and feet would be better, like the astronauts head has just to give it extra security.”—Het

“Wow. Just wow. It’s even better than I expected. I had my eye on this for a few months so was ecstatic to receive it. Firstly, he’s super cute. He stands approximately 24cm tall and feels solid to hold. The astronaut’s head is fully rotatable so you can choose the location of the projection. It also comes with a remote control so he can be placed anywhere in your room. It is powered with an included USB cord. There are options for speed and brightness and the colour of the nebula can be changed. The colours are mesmerising. Overall, it has a wonderfully calming affect and I’m totally in love with it.”—Stella

“I love this little guy so much! Colors are vibrant and relaxing. Super easy to use. Base isn’t super secure so it’s kinda easy to knock over but overall a great light toy to have. Will use probably nightly.”—Ingrid

Creative DIY Glass Light

“Let me start by saying how much I love love love this light!!! The package arrived quickly and so began the fun. Putting this together was slightly more tricky than I imagined but it was all the same fun!!! And it turned out so lovely!!! The light is very bright so it illuminates nicely. Def a must buy for any Le Petit Prince fans”—Maria

“The end product is adorable, but instructions are minimal, the plastic rod that goes through the middle should be precut to the correct height and thicker so easily stays in the center hole of base. There should be a list of supplies that is needed at the top of the instructions along with photographs of how to do it. When you’re paying the price for a DIY kit, the more the instructions and proper supplies the better. Supplies needed: 3 AAA batteries Hot glue gun Sharp scissors or box cutter (of rod isn’t cut properly) Ruler for properly measuring the rod to height for the prince to not hit his head on the globe. It’s an adorable craft could just benefit from some TLC on the instructions.”—Emily

“I was lucky to get selected for the product review of this little lamp. I’m a fan myself of “The Little Prince” so when I saw the picture of this lamp I thought it was adorable. I received this lamp/package free of any charge in exchange for an honest review of the product and the process of putting it together, so let me share with all of you my thoughts and review on this product. The box was delivered very carefully packaged. Once I opened the box I examined all the parts and the step by step instructions. The instructions were a little bit confusing at first, but once I settled all the parts apart and started to follow each step by step then things went very smooth. The parts are very well made, the figure of the little prince is of a great quality and the flowers and the moss are very easy to work with. The amount of the materials individually provided was just right, every single thing was more than enough, the only thing that I have extra product left was in the cotton for the cloud, I used everything else. A glue gun is definitely a must but if someone prefers to use the glue sticks with a candle I guess it can be done too, but for precision purposes I much rather the use of the gun, and other than that, no need for any other tools were necessary. The glueing of the cotton around the foam to form the cloud was a little bit challenging, you gotta be patient and very careful, try to not rush so you don’t burn the foam or your fingers, but that pretty much was probably the hardest part of all. I decided to sprinkle the stars on the cloud, but the stars don’t stick very well to the cotton, so you have to play around pressing them a little bit towards the cotton so they kinda get in between it. It’s not a hard task, It’s just a matter of patience. The complete assembly of the lamp took me about two hours, it probably could’ve been done quicker but I’m a very meticulous and detail oriented person, so I like to spend a fair time on the little details, so I took my time without any rush. I’m also a person who really enjoys manual arts, DIY projects and all kinds of handicrafts, so I did have a great time putting this lamp together. I really enjoyed it, especially seeing how pretty the final results turned out. Overall, I think this is a great and easy project to do at home, and if you enjoy the crafty life like I do, I do believe you will find this particular lamp as a very rewarding experience. I loved it very much!”—Andrea

“As a huge fan of The Little Prince, I had to enter the trial to get this. Luckily i was selected to recieve this and write a review. When I first saw this, I thought it was plug and play. As it turns out, its diy. As a huge fan of arts and crafts I think this is a great way to spend time with the kids. Overall qaulity is impressive for what it is. I dont think i could have done better.”—Jacob

“I am a product reviewer and was inicie this product in exchange for an honest review. I personally love the details when it came all together! My children were ecstatic seeing this cute and attractive light. Its very nostalgic and looks realistic. Was easy to Assemble especially if you’re just a DIY person. The best part is unboxing and discovering how many things come in this tiny box for you to assemble. It was fun and great instructions, easy to follow. I thought it was a perfect gift for any child or adult that loves nostalgic items like so. I will be purchasing the unicorn version for my daughter. Thank you Apollo for always providing such quality products, can’t wait to try more!”—Stephanie

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