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Portable Aquarium EcoQube Lets Nature Clean

The portable aquarium EcoQube C is the latest product from Aqua Design Innovations. EcoQubes are an all-in-one system that uses plant life to keep your aquarium clean without frequent maintenance. After a successful campaign in 2014, Aqua Design Innovations is back with a smaller, portable aquarium titled the EcoQube C. The EcoQube C is a more affordable option than the original, and is even easier to maintain with automatic functionality and less parts. With EcoQube, nature cleans your aquarium water for you.

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How EcoQube works

Ordinary aquariums use filters to turn ammonia waste into nitrates. These nitrates cause algae growth, which can only be removed by changing the water whenever it gets dirty. EcoQube takes the converted nitrates and filters them through a plant medium, which absorbs them for its own growth and transfers back the clean water with the ammonia removed. The result is that the new aquarium water is algae-free, and the plants are healthy and fresh.

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You may opt to purchase a UV sterilizer chip, which emits ultra violet light which kills everything that passes through. This is generally only required for commercial use. In the portable aquarium it helps to keep the water clear and clean by acting as a buffer for user mistakes such as overfeeding or too much light exposure. It is generally suggested that you use it 2 hours per day.

Portable Aquarium Key Functions

  • 1.5 Gallons in volume
  • Optional Compact UV sterilizer attachment
  • Great for Betta/Siamese fighting fish (room temperature)
  • Consumes less than 7 watts with pump, light, and UV on
  • Light required less than 7 hours/day, should last over 10 years
  • Sunlight not recommended
  • Customize your LED settings by remote

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 Pricing and Availability

The Kickstarter campaign for EcoQube C has ended, but can now be purchased at Apollo Box for $149.99. Learn more about their other products on their home page, Aqua Design Innovations.

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