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10 Essentials For First Time Campers

First-time camper? There are some things you need to know. Besides packing toilet paper, you need to plan your meals, pick a tent, and pack extra flashlights. It might sound like a lot but we can make the process easier. Use our checklist – here are 10 products you need to bring to have a successful camping trip.

Dental Master Solid Toothpaste

Hopefully, you’ll remember to pack your toothpaste and toothbrush. It’s still a good idea to bring this Dental Master Solid Toothpaste. Chew one of these toothpaste tablets and rinse with water. In no time your breath will smell fresh!

LifeStraw Go

You already how great the LifeStraw is! Well, this updated version will blow your mind. The LifeStraw Go is a refillable water bottle with a built-in filter. It’ll ensure your water is always drinkable. Take this with you on your camping trip and never run the risk of dehydration.

Anti Bug Spray

Bugs are unfortunately inevitable in the great outdoors. You might think your lantern is enough to ward them away, but it’s not. You’re going to need this Anti Bug Spray. It’s packed with 9 natural ingredients that’ll keep mosquitos away so you can focus on having fun.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Don’t forget about the music! Meaningful conversation is great, but sometimes all you want is music. This Portable Bluetooth Speaker is water-proof and offers full-range sound. Plus, its built-in battery will give you up to 12 hours of sound.

Flannel Blanket

This Flannel Blanket will keep you warm, even while you’re camping in the mountains. Wrap this blanket around you while you’re sitting near a fire. Or, use it as a comforter inside your tent. Whatever you choose, you can be sure you’ll stay nice and toasty.

WIDEWAY Tactical Survival Backpack

Camping Hack: What you carry is as important as your gear. Don’t settle for a flimsy pack all day. Use this WIDEWAY Tactical Survival Backpack. With a ton of space and compartments, you can pack all your essentials inside. It provides comfort and protection (to your gear and you).

ShinyFunnyFamily Camping Tent

Whether you’re camping with your entire family or with a couple of friends, this tent will come in handy. Not only is it spacious and easy to set up, but it’s also perfect for winter or summer camping. You can even pitch this tent on a beach. Thanks to its anti-tear waterproof polyester you won’t have to stress about damage.

Large Capacity Portable Water Bottle

Hydrate like you mean it with this leak-proof bottle. It’s the perfect camping accessory. Fill it with water, and add fruit, to create a deliciously infused beverage. The best part? The bottle comes packed in a canvas drawstring bag so you can be sure it stays safe.

Soft Cooler Tote

This Soft Cooler Tote is small enough for you to carry around but spacious enough to hold up to 24 frosty cold drinks. Are you leaving the campground to go hiking for the day? This pack will come in handy. Store your waters, beers, and snacks, and get moving.

Sunlight Bottle

This Sunlight Bottle will come in handy when you have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Its solar powered bottle charges in the sun and lights up even the darkest places. Don’t worry, the soft glow of the LED light won’t shine too bright. You can keep your campground lit all night without losing any sleep.

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