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Gemio Smart Band reacts to the party around you

The Gemio Smart Band will make you the star of the show at festivals, concerts, and events as you pulse to the beat of the music. Gemio Band’s advanced LED technology creates a rainbow of colors and Light Effects that respond dynamically to your environment.

The customizable smart band allows you to change up your design by utilizing snap-on tiles. You can connect to your friends by pairing your bands, and even send light signals to each other at the push of a button.


How the Smart Band Works

Gemio’s light, motion, sound, and proximity sensors react to who you’re with, where you are, and what you’re doing. It uses a panel of LED lights and a palette of millions of colors. Gemio creates unique Light Effects that can reflect your mood, match your outfit, or pulse to the music. The Water and Fire Effects mimic the elements in nature in response to your movement.

You can connect with friends at the touch of a button, and create a real life network on-the-go. Gemio also lets you send signals to friends using the MyGemio app on iPhone and Android. These light signals are patterns that play on your bracelet and send messages like “meet me”, “let’s get out of here”, “I’m on my way”, or “thinking of you”.gemio smart band

The signals are easy to understand because they mimic the message you’re sending (“meet me” has lights that meet in the middle). You can assign colors to your friends to instantly identify who the message is from. You can also create your own Light Signals.

Gemio is the first wearable smart band that allows you to completely change the look of your band in a snap (literally). You can change the design by swapping out the tiles. All of the tiles are optically compatible with Gemio’s LED panel and designed to create beautiful effects and signals.

gemio smart band

Gemio charges wirelessly on a magnetic docking station. The docking station lets your Gemio hover while it’s charging, and can double as a very cool night light.


Key Features

  • Snap-on, swappable Light Tiles
  • Flexible to fit any wrist size
  • RBG LED Light Array illuminates Light Tiles, generates Light Effects, & sends Light Signals using millions of colors
  • Microphone, motion sensor, & optical sensors control behavior in response to your environment. It responds to music, movement, and light exposure
  • Uses double batteries. Total battery life depends on effects, 5 to 6 hours average battery life
  • Wireless, magnetic charger enables band to hover while charging
  • Water-resistant for sweat protection
  • Bluetooth and proximity sensors
  • MyGemio mobile app controls band’s colors & behavior & keeps track of your friends

gemio smart band

The Design

Gemio is the first wearable tech that allows you to change its design by swapping out Light Tiles. Currently, there are 15 set designs to choose from, with more to be released in the future as demand increases. Gemio is also partnering with celebrities and designers to create limited edition designs. For large pre-orders, they are even offering customized designs.

gemio smart band

Price and Timeline

Gemio is currently open for preorder on Kickstarter. The band can be pre-ordered for $69 (30% off the retail price) and comes with two tile sets. Additional tile sets are $10 each. They are also selling limited edition Love is Louder Bands for the same price. The smart bands can also be purchased in bundles of two, five, or fifty. There are also additional early bird and flash sale discounts, but many are already sold out.
The Kickstarter campaign began in July and ends on August 18th. Bands will be shipped out starting November 2016.


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