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BOHO Wedding Decorating—Get Closer to the Nature

Bohemian weddings are gaining more and more popularity in recent years. This kind of rustic, but also exquisite wedding has attracted a large number of people who yearn for romance. Want to get some inspirations for your bohemian-themed wedding? Just scroll to see some great decorating ideas!

No noisy guests, only the closest relatives are invited to this unique wedding. It is usually held in the woods or a park, so more natural elements are displayed. Some Bohemian elements featuring feathers, dreamcatchers, and candlesticks can pair well with those natural elements, making your wedding a perfect and memorable experience.

No matter where you hold your wedding, the beautiful string lights are a must! Embellished with unique string lights, your wedding will fill your soul with romantic feelings. The following lights can not only play an important role in your big day, but they can also be applicable in your daily life.

Apart from the string lights, candlesticks also can be used for lighting and decoration. Look at these unique candlesticks that pair well with bohemian style.

When it comes to BOHO weddings, one of the most classic elements is a dreamcatcher. This kind of lace dreamcatcher which is full of Indian features dates back to the 18th century. Indians use it to capture beautiful dreams and allow nightmares to fade with the morning sun. They believe that the night air is full of all kinds of dreams, and only dreamcatchers can filter dreams and bring them into beautiful dreamland. The traditional dream catcher is made of branches, leather and beef tendon. Now, dreamcatchers are more diverse and personalized. Let’s take a look!

Woven ornaments are another important feature of bohemian weddings. Whether hung on the wall or laid on the table, it can play an excellent decorative role that photographs well.

The woven cotton seat also can add a highlight to your ceremony if you hang it on a big tree.

Decorate your wedding with this simple and artistic photo wall! You can post pictures of your favorite memories with the groom on it or use it to collect handwritten blessing cards from guests.

Now that you’re familiar with the features and important elements of BOHO weddings, let’s see how to combine these elements together to design a unique wedding for your special day!


First you can use wood to build a basic frame, in  square, triangular, semi-circular, or any other shape you like. Then embellish it with green plants, fresh or dried flowers, and pampas grass. When the whole frame is finished with plants, you can also add some woven ornaments and dreamcatchers if you like.


Having a unique and beautiful backdrop at your wedding will create the perfect bohemian ambience for your ceremony. Whether you prefer a simple minimalist style or a more elaborate and dramatic look, there’s something for every boho bride here.

Tables and Chairs

Lay a woven style tablecloth on the table with bouquets and candlesticks in the center, featuring a natural and fresh dinner atmosphere. The chairs can be twined with some green branches, dotted with some flowers, and then tied with woven ornaments to coordinate with the table. When there comes a breeze, the cute little tassels will flutter in the wind, bringing you a sense of leisure and comfort.

If you really adore BOHO style weddings, do not hesitate, just collect these decorating elements and make your unique wedding dreams come true.

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