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Need an Easy Valentine’s Day Date Idea? Here are 7 Fun and Easy Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine's Day date idea

Coming up with a fun Valentine’s Day date idea is at the top of every person’s mind right now. Should you go with the classic romantic restaurant? Or do something more lighthearted like watch a comedy show? The options are endless.

The day of love falls smack dab in the middle of the week this year, making it hard to have an extravagant date on actual Valentine’s Day. If you and your S/O are celebrating on the weekend, surprise them an easy and fun date on Valentine’s Day.

All of the Valentine’s Day date ideas below are low maintenance, easy to put together and will score major romance points! Plan one of these easy Valentine Day date ideas and wow your partner with your creativity and thoughtfulness.

Easy Valentine’s Day Date Idea #1: Go On a Stargazing Picnic

Valentine's Day date idea

Nothing is more romantic than a picnic under the stars. Prepare a spread of chocolate strawberries, fancy cheeses, gourmet sandwiches and Prosecco and pack it all in a classic picnic basket like our Barrel Picnic Basket.

Then stargaze in your backyard or drive to a prime spot and whisper sweet nothings to your loved one under the soft glow of the stars and moon.

Easy Valentine’s Day Date Idea #2: Cook a New Dinner

Valentine's Day date idea

This is a great Valentine’s date for the Iron Chef and the guy or gal that never cooks. Trying to cook a new recipe is a fun challenge that will impress your date.

While this date idea isn’t relaxing for both parties, it’s a great date that will show your selflessness and willingness to try new things. Use fancy and modern cutlery like our Modern Black Flatware to create an “Instagram worthy” shot.

Easy Valentine’s Day Date Idea #3: Order Takeout, Open a Good bottle of Wine and Slow Dance in Candle Light

Valentine's Day date idea

This Valentine’s Day date idea is one of the easiest and most romantic dates on this list.  Nothing compares to a night in, chowing down on your favorite takeout food with your favorite person. Pour some quality wine into fancy glasses like these Dipped Wine Glasses, light candles and play some John Legend or Marvin Gaye to set the mood.

Once you’re done eating, take your date by the hand and sway back and forth all night, resting in each other’s arms.  Not a wine connoisseur? Buy one of the best wines in the world for just $6.

Easy Valentine’s Day Date Idea #4: Go to a Diner

Valentine's Day date idea

Ditch the traditional romantic dinner and feel all the feels over a milkshake and a slice of pie. Breakfast for dinner is fun, quirky and a charming date that’s good for a first date or 20th date.

Make this Valentine’s Day date idea even more fun and surprise your date with a unique mug, like our Kawa Simaya Sculpted Mug. Then drink coffee out of your mugs in the diner and turn this simple gift into a treasured keepsake.  

Easy Valentine’s Day Date Idea #5: Go on an Evening Bike Ride

Valentine's Day date idea

Want to celebrate Valentine’s Day but don’t want to miss out on your weekly workout? Take your date on a sunset bike ride and explore the town.

Give them a fun water bottle like our MB Positive Bottle, pack some snacks and route out a scenic bike ride. Make your final destination a chill restaurant or bar. Then you and your date won’t feel self-conscious about any perspiration you worked up during the ride.

Easy Valentine’s Day Date Idea #6: Go to the Drive Ins Theater

Valentine's Day Date Idea

Take it back to the 1950’s and celebrate Valentine’s day retro style with a night at the Drive In Movie Theaters.  At the Drive Ins you can talk, bring your own food, snacks and watch a double feature. It’s also a creative date, so all around win-win situation.

Bring a cozy blanket like our pretty White Cotton Throw Blanket to snuggle under if the temperature drops. Don’t forget to pull the old yawn and arm around the shoulder trick!

Easy Valentine’s Day Date Idea #7: Play Tourist in Your Hometown

Valentine's Day Date Idea

While it’s fun to explore new cities, taking a trip isn’t always possible. Especially when most plane ticket prices surge on Valentine’s Day weekend. 😒

For this Valentine’s Day, play tourist in your own city and take your date to your town’s most notable spots. Who knows, you may go somewhere or see a new sight that you’ve never paid much attention to! At the end of the night, surprise your loved one with a Steel Maps for US Cities map. This detailed map gives an Aerial view of your city and features main streets.

Which easy Valentine’s Day date idea do you want to try? Comment below and share more fun and easy Valentine’s Day date ideas!

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