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Modobag: The Motorized Luggage That You Can Ride

Did you ever rush exhaustively in the airport trying to catch a flight with a heavy load? Did you ever fight for an outlet to charge you phone or tablet while waiting at a flight gate? Were you worried about losing your luggage when it did not appear at the baggage claim station? Modobag, the motorized luggage, is designed to solve these problems and make your travel a breeze. It is a carry-on bag that can convert to a rideable motor scooter running up to 8 mph. Modobag can also charge your digital devices, and it can be tracked in real time by your smartphone.

How the motorized luggage works?

Modobag looks like a regular carry-on luggage that you can easily tow with the collapsible drawbar. When you need to ride, just pull out the telescoping handlebar, hop on the luggage, and step on the quick release foot pegs. The Modobag has a high torque, maintenance-free motor that will take you up to 5 mph indoors and 8 mph outdoors. You can control the speed and directions using the handlebar.

Motorized Luggage

The Modobag has two USD port to charge your phone, tablet, or other digital devices, so you never need to search for power outlets in the airport. Its own battery can be 80% charged in 15 minutes and fully charged in one hour.

Motorized Luggage

The motorized luggage also comes with a companion navigation app and a sim card tracker that allows you to track the location of you bag globally using the GPRS-GSM technology.

Motorized Luggage

Key features

  • Electric motor with Lithium batteries supporting up to 8 mph speed for up to 6 miles.
  • Ballistic nylon material with 2000 cubic inches of inner storage space (85% space compared with standard carry-on)
  • Real-time location tracking and proximity alert
  • Memory foam cushioned seat for comfortable ride
  • Easy access pockets and dual USB ports for phone and tablet
  • Crush proof zipped laptop compartment

Motorized Luggage

Price and timeline

The Modobag first launched on Kickstarter in September 2015 and now is coming back to crowdfunding on Indiegogo. The early bird price is $995, a 33% discount from retail. It has been supported by over 270 backers across both platforms and is expected to ship out in January 2017. It has gone viral on social media lately with mixed feelings—fun vs. funny. Are you ready to join an airport luggage race? To pre-order or to learn more, click the button below:


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