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14 Cool Summer Drinkware Products You Need Right Now

Pool parties, late sunsets, cool summer drinkware and amusement parks all mean one thing, SUMMER IS HERE! Being out in the sun all day is what summer is all about. Enjoy the fresh air, soak in the sunshine and have fun. But don’t forget to cool down and stay hydrated. Here are 14 cool summer drinkware products you need this summer!

Unicorn Drink Floaties

cool summer drinkware

Summer is all about pool parties and what better way to enjoy swimming than not having to worry about a spilled drink? These unicorn floaties will keep your drinks afloat in the cutest way possible. The best part? They come in sets of 2! So you and your bestie can be twins, or you can enjoy two drinks at once.

Ocean Blue Gradient Water Bottle

cool summer drinkware

Do you love whales and the ocean? Take your water bottle game to the next level with a nautical scene. Give the illusion of drinking straight from the ocean with the 20.3 ounces water bottle. These bottles come with a matching canvas bag for storage. Great for school or work lunches or a trip to the beach.


Adorable Juicer

cool summer drinkware

Planning a picnic in the park? Take this adorable juicer to shake up your favorite smoothies in no time. Add your favorite fruit and some coconut water, tap the button twice and in 30 seconds you have fresh fruit juice. The portable USB charger is perfect to take on the go for a quick recharge anytime.

Football Flask

cool summer drinkware

Hut hut! Pass the football flask! This unique flask is more than just a cover up, it’s a football that can be used for a quick game of catch with friends. Just fill it with 10 ounces of your favorite beverage and take it on your next summer outing. Perfect for tailgating or just a fun backyard party. You can never go wrong with a game and drinks all-in-one. 

Tapered Glass Bottle 

cool summer drinkware

Don’t let the summer heat beat you down. Stay hydrated with the tapered glass bottle. Look super trendy as you hold the eco-friendly water bottle. The cork stopper on top is 100% leak proof. Add some fresh fruit for a refreshing taste of water on a hot summer day.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

cool summer drinkware

Camping and hiking are some of the top activities during summer. But what happens when you run out of fresh filtered water? The LifeStraw is a point-of-use personal water filter that transforms possible contaminated water sources into safe to drink water. The filter can be used for  up to 1,000 liters of water. Try it in the lake or river during your next camping trip.

HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker

cool summer drinkware

Calling all coffee lovers! Hot coffee is perfection, but when it comes to summer time a cold refreshing coffee is always a good idea. The HyperChiller iced coffee maker turns fresh brewed hot coffee into cold iced coffee in minutes. No gimmick here, instant cold coffee is a must. For those non-coffee lovers, use the HyperChiller for wine or tea.

Whiskey Freeze Cooling Cups

cool summer drinkware

Drinks take a longer time to chill during the heat, and nobody has time to wait. Toss the whiskey freeze cups in the freezer for 2 hours and enjoy a cold whiskey or any beverage without the horrible water-down taste from melting ice. Just don’t forget to always put them back in the freezer to have a cool drink ready.

Drinking Glass Carafe

cool summer drinkware

Bring out your trendy side with the sleek and stylish carafe. Fill these gorgeous glasses with drinks, syrup, salad dressings and more. Become the hostess with the mostess when serving up drinks in this cool summer drinkware. The clear glass bottle shows off colorful drinks and keeps drinks cool for the summer.

Beer 2 Go Cooler

cool summer drinkware

The beer to go bottle will become your best friend for the summer. The stainless steel cooler fits all bottles and cans. No need to have alcohol, use it for soda or juice cans as well. Take this cooler to the beach or any outside activity for a frosty cold one. With a built in bottle opener, the convenience is unmatchable.


Novelty Cactus Glass

cool summer drinkware

Cheers to backyard barbeques and margarita nights! These cactus glasses have summer written all over them, not literally but who wouldn’t love these? Mix up a yummy margarita for a summer party, chill out with some ice cream or make some yogurt parfaits. No matter how you use the glasses, they will be your favorite summer product.


Wheat Straw Manual Juicer

cool summer drinkware

Summer is the season when all the fruit is oh so fresh. It’s the time of year to enjoy fresh squeezed fruit juice. With the wheat straw manual juicer you can make orange juice, lemonade and other juices you desire. The juicer is small and portable and comes in two of the hottest colors for summer, millennial pink and mint.

Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

cool summer drinkware

Insulated stainless steel water bottles are becoming more and more popular, like Hydro Flasks. But these water bottles are covered in beautiful art by artists from Studio Oh! With over 15 design options you are sure to find your new go to summer water bottle. Stay hydrated!

Skull Ice Model

cool summer drinkware

Cold drinks are a summer must have. Ice is needed most during summer months to keep drinks extra cold. Plain ice squares are so last year, try skull ice molds to make drinks fun. Plus use the skull molds for more than just ice, create skull cake pops, soap or use for Halloween!

As summer approaches, keeping cool is a necessary and what better way to do it than with cool summer drinkware? From the juicers to HyperChiller iced coffee, water bottles and everything in between we offer something for all summer occasions!

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