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DIY Pineapple Lamp: 2018 Trends

pineapple lamp

Pineapples are everywhere this season. Shirts, shoes, handbags, anywhere you can add print, a pineapple print is sure to be found. Update your room decor with this fun & easy DIY pineapple lamp.

Summer 2018 is around the corner, bring paradise into your home with this cute & trendy pineapple lamp. Grab your BFF to make matching lamps, or help your child create a fun lamp for their room. This DIY is sure to put a smile on all ages. Let’s get started!

Materials Needed:

Lamp base, light lines, light holder, trident shelf, light bulb, several plastic spoons, plastic bottle, green cardstock, yellow paint paint, pen, glue and scissors.

Steps to Create a Pineapple Lamp

pineapple lamp

Step 1: Set the base, light lines, light holder and the trident shelf together accordingly as shown in picture 1.
Step 2: Remove the head and the bottom of the plastic bottle.
Step 3: Cut 1/3 of the bottle and leave the rest as shown in picture 3.
Step 4: Place bottle on top of the lamp stand to ensure correct measure.

pineapple lamp

Step 5: Cut off the handles of the spoons.
Step 6: Paint the back of the spoon yellow.
Step 7: Use glue to stick the spoons on the bottle.
Step 8: Start from the bottom of the bottle and stick the spoons accordingly. Layer the spoons in window format to fill in any gaps.

pineapple lamp

Step 9: When you reach the top leaves, paint them green to match the crown.
Step 10: Cut a circle in the middle of the green cardstock.
Step 11: Cut the edges into sharp triangles. Press the triangles down.
Step 12: Glue the green cardstock to the top of the pineapple.
Step 13: Cut six leaves out of green cardstock and stick them inside the top of the pineapple.
Step 14: Put the ‘pineapple’ shade on the lamp!

Light it up and enjoy your very own pineapple lamp! Display in your bedroom, living room or kitchen to bring tropical vibes all year round!

pineapple lamp

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