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Beautiful Easy to Make DIY Terrarium Tutorial

DIY terrarium

You’ve seen pictures DIY terrariums on Pinterest and Instagram, so why not make a beautiful DIY terrarium yourself? Terrariums are trendy, easy to care for and handy to create. They make a unique gift and will brighten up your home.

Maybe you’ve been inspired to make your own terrarium but had no idea where to begin. This DIY Terrarium tutorial is super easy and shows you how to create a terrarium step by step.

Once you have all of your terrarium materials, this tutorial will take you 15 minutes to make an Instagram-worthy DIY terrarium!


What you’ll Need:

DIY terrarium

  • An open or closed glass container.  We’re using the glass container from our Beach Glass Terrarium Kit.  If you want to use your own decorations but still want a unique glass container, you can buy the open globe pictured above for $18 here
  • Activated charcoal or gravel
  • Soil
  • Your plant of choice
  • Decorations of your choice


DIY Glass Terrarium Steps:

Gotta Make Them Layers


DIY terrarium

The first step to starting your DIY terrarium is to layer soil and activated charcoal or gravel.  You’ll want to use activated charcoal for plants that need a lot of moisture and watering.

You can skip the charcoal and just use gravel or beads if you have a plant that requires light watering. We chose the gravel route because our terrarium has succulents.

Create a 1 inch drainage layer of gravel or charcoal and spread a 1 inch layer of soil on top.


Plant Your Roots

DIY terrarium

Carefully remove your plant from the pot, and make sure not to rip or tear the roots.  Gently massage the pot soil to loosen it up, and mix it in with the plant soil.  Water your plant with the appropriate water amount needed. We lightly misted our succulents with a mini spray bottle.



DIY terrarium

Now the fun begins! Decorate your DIY terrarium with rocks, figurines or any other decorations of your choice! We chose to create a mystical desert scene and layered colored rocks in our DIY terrarium. (Tip: Use chopsticks to easily place decorations into the glass orb.)


Enjoy and Take Care

DIY terrarium

One of the pros about terrarium is the easy upkeep. Place your beautiful DIY terrarium in a spot where your plants will receive plenty of sunshine and water those babies.

See a variety of terrarium kits and planters that will come packaged and ready to put together!

If you want some more cacti and succulents in your life,  check out our unique cactus and succulent decor collection. Use code CACTUS to save 15% on all cactus and succulent products until 7/23/2017.

DIY Terrarium

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