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O6: A wearable controller for eyes-free interaction with your mobile apps

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our life.  We check our phones so frequently—in fact, 46 times a day for an average person according to a 2015 U.S. survey  even during driving, exercising, and walking, which can be distracting and dangerous. O6 is a wearable controller enabling you to stay focused on the task at hand while continuing a mobile lifestyle. It connects to any iPhone via Bluetooth, allowing users to remotely open, browse, listen to, and respond to texts, emails, news, social posts, and music at the touch of a finger without looking at the mobile screen.

What is O6?

O6 presents as a stylish round wearable controller that features a central touchpad button, a middle touchpad ring, and an outer metal rotary dial. Just by pressing and turning the controller with one hand, even one figure, you will be able to listen to information from your apps like listening to radio stations and make appropriate responses.

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Key Features

  • Context-sensitive actions: O6 analyzes the context of your messages with artificial intelligence, and presents most likely options for one-touch response.
  • Orientation-independent: You can operate the rotary dial and other buttons without orienting the O6.
  • Rotary dial as a tactile button: It supports single-click, double-click, triple-click, and press & hold for single-finger operation.
  • Gesture control: Equipped motion-sensors make O6 responsive to gestures.
  • Ultra-light: It is 40 mm in diameter and weighs only 10 gram.

wearable controller

How does O6 work?

You may use O6 to control and interaction with many mobile apps and even your smart home.

  • Remote control apps: Control all Touchscreen apps with optional speech feedback, waking up your phone, opening/closing app, scrolling through pages/posts, and making a response.
  • O6 browser app: Convert your favorite apps into channels and individual pieces of information into tracks, so you can listen to email, twitter, podcasts, news, and more.
  • Context-sensitive actions: Respond to messages, get navigation directions, call phone numbers, Yelp food, play links, and more.
  • Media controller controls music, videos, and movies: Play, pause, and switch music, videos, and movies.
  • Gesture control for apps: navigate among apps or within an app with shakes.
  • Smart Response for notifications: pick up or hang up a call, snooze an alarm.
  • Haptic (Vibration) watch: Communicate time using one long haptic buzz for number 5 and one short buzz for number one, similar to the Morse Code.
  • Home automation controller: Connect and control and home devices with an Internet connection.

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Where can you use the wearable controller?

The interchangeable accessories allow you to use O6 in a variety of ways. You can mount it on a steering wheel, wear it on the wrist like a watch, clip it to a pocket or belt, or just grasp it in the hand.

wearable controller

Price and timeline

You can pre-order O6 on Kickstarter at a super-early-bird rate of $89, as compared to a suggested retail price of $149. Accessories need to be purchased individually for $19 each. The product will ship to backers in February 2017. To learn more or to pre-order, click the button below:


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