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How To Respond To An Earthquake

Although we cannot control when or where an earthquake will strike, we can prepare for the event. We will discuss the steps to take before, during, and after an earthquake and protect you and your family from injury.

During An Earthquake

As soon as you feel the shake, keep calm and assess your surroundings. Safely move away from large pieces of furniture or fragile items if possible. Cover your head with your arm and find shelter under a sturdy desk or the corner. If you are outdoors, stay away from buildings, power lines, and trees until the shaking stops. Don’t attempt to run during an earthquake, stay where you are instead.

After An Earthquake

Look For Emergency Services

Emergency services may be sent out to assist those affected by the earthquake. Stay with emergency workers or volunteers until they tell you any further actions.

Check On Those Who Are Nearby

After an earthquake, check on those who may be affected nearby. If someone was injured during the earthquake and needs medical attention right away, offer assistance whenever possible, even simply providing emotional support in a difficult moment.

No one can predict when earthquakes will happen and it’s important to always be prepared no matter where you are. 

Before An Earthquake

The best way to prepare for an earthquake is by creating a plan for yourself and your family. Start by identifying potential hazards in your home, such as heavy furniture, mirrors, or near windows. Learn and practice how to respond in the event of an earthquake.

We offer some emergency essentials you might need.

Outdoor Storage Bag $114.25

Our Storage Bag will be helpful for an emergency, as it features a large capacity that can hold everything you need to get through an earthquake or other natural disaster. Grab your supplies quickly and go. 

Outdoor Flashlight $165.99

Our Outdoor Flashlight helps you see what is happening around you in the event of an earthquake or other emergency. It is great for people who need rescuing to signal for help. Get yourself and others out of danger with our Flashlight.

Emergency Kit $107.99

When disaster strikes, it’s important to get prepared. That’s why you need our Emergency Kit. It contains more than one hundred pieces, including a first aid kit that you need to survive in a crisis.

Medicine Chest $105.33

Our Medicine Chest features a large capacity to store your medicine. Its red color reminds you to find it quickly in an emergency. Take it with you in case of any accident or injury.

Safety Helmet $119.07

Our Safety Helmet is a great choice for those who are looking for a helmet that is durable. It is designed to protect your head during an earthquake. It features a bright green color, making it highly visible in difficult conditions.

Make sure you’re prepared for anything with an emergency kit. Always remember that safety comes first!

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