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Zenbo: A Smart and Fun Home Robot

Did you ever imagine having WALL-E at your own home? Your dream might come true soon with Zenbo, a fun and intelligent home robot recently developed by the well-known computer company ASUS. Zenbo is designed to meet everyone’s needs in a family, providing assistance, entertainment, and companionship in a variety of ways. It can move independently, talk with you and respond to voice command.

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Meet Zenbo, the home robot

Zenbo looks like WALL-E, but more adorable with his round eyes and adaptable facial expressions. Zenbo has every function you might hope for an intelligent companion:

  • Rolls around independently
  • Sees with his camera for videography and monitoring
  • Speaks to you clearly for assistance and entertainment
  • Hears your request and respond appropriately
  • Plays music with high-quality speaker
  • Connects to the internet and smart home device
  • Learns and adapts to your preferences

Home robot

How can Zenbo help with your family

For seniors, Zenbo is a responsive and joyful home care assistant that:

  • Provides spoken reminders of doctor’s appointments, medication and exercise schedules, etc.
  • Monitors emergency situations — such as falls — and immediately notifies family members
  • Supports convenient digital life, such as making video calls, social media, shopping, and streaming movies and TV shows

Home robot

For kids, Zenbo is a fun and educational playmate that:

  • Plays favorite songs and even dance to the beat
  • Tells stories from a built-in library with attractive visuals and voices
  • Teaches educational games and services as an interactive encyclopedia

Home robot

For households, Zenbo is a skilled helper that:

  • Connects to and controls smart home and traditional devices
  • Presents and read recipes upon voice command
  • Records family moments like a photographer and monitors home security

Home robot

Price and Timeline

The intended market price for Zenbo home robot is $599, not too bad for such a capable and fun friend. While we cannot wait to add him to our family, Zenbo will take 9 to 12 months to launch officially. The company is calling for developers to create apps for Zenbo, making it more competent and enjoyable. To learn more about the product, check out http://zenbo.asus.com/ and stay informed by subscribing to Apollo Box Blog below.

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