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Smart Alarm Clock: Bonjour Artificial Intelligence

Need an alarm clock that’s smart enough to adapt to your lifestyle? Bonjour is a smart alarm clock that acts as your personal assistant. It learns your agenda and hobbies to help you plan out your day. She is voice controlled and artificial intelligence enhanced and wakes you up with a human voice and mild mannerism.


Smart Alarm Clock

How the smart alarm clock works

Bonjour is able to monitor traffic and weather, and syncs with your calendar and activities. Using this information, the smart alarm clock can adjust wake-up time if certain conditions are fulfilled. For example, Bonjour will wake you up earlier if traffic conditions are particularly bad, or let you sleep in on the weekend if there’s rain or storms that would interfere with your morning run.

Smart Alarm Clock

Bonjour knows your agenda, allowing her to automatically set your alarms. By monitoring local weather, including surf forecasts and wind presence, she helps you plan your activities. She can even sync with your FitBit, Apple Health, or Withings to track steps and suggest you go for a run to help achieve your fitness goals.

Bonjour will learn your preferences over time, and is able to learn your routine. By learning how long it takes you to get ready in the morning and how long your commute is, she can make customized suggestions. Her language skills will also improve to better understand your requests.

Bonjour acts as a voice-controlled smart hub for iOT, Home Automation, and smart home devices. She can adjust smart thermostats or automatic lighting based on your wake-up time. For example, if you need to wake up earlier than usual, Bonjour can automatically adjust your thermostat so you’ll have a warm and lit home to wake up to.

Smart Alarm Clock

Key Features

  • Friendly Conversational Artificial Intelligence Assistant
  • Monitor traffic, weather, surf and wind conditions
  • Acts as a hub for Internet of Things
  • Voice Controlled / Voice Recognition
  • Actively learns preferences & behaviors
  • Syncs with calendar and agenda
  • Music streaming, Video Messages, USB outlet

Price and Availability

Bonjour is currently well past its goal on Kickstarter, and is due to ship in Summer 2017. Kickstarter pre-orders can be made for up to 60% savings off of the retail price of $499.

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