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Easy to Use Modular Robot: CellRobot

CellRobot is a powerful modular robot accessible to the average consumer. Modular robotics is a complex area because normally exclusive to research labs because each added element adds new movement and functionality. With CellRobot, you can create your own rules. It can be assembled into any form imaginable and programmed to do just about anything. CellRobot eliminates the restrictions of other robots and opens up a world to be explored. You’re only limited by your imagination!

modular robot

How the Modular Robot works

CellRobot is made up of single cells that build functioning robots when combined. The Heart is at the core of the formation and controls all the operations. It is Bluetooth enabled to connect to smartphones or tablets via app. All modular cells connect through a simple twisting snap on action. Each cell creates shape and movement. A wide-angle lens camera gives your robot 30fps, 640×480 vision that sends photos to your device directly. Add wheels for 360 degree motion at 5 inches per second, or use a mount to hold the robot in place.

The mobile app includes an extensive library of sample builds which guide you through the process of creating a modular robot. The app detects your robot and tells you which cells to attach to which joints. Refresh for live feedback. When you’re finished, you can control your  robot with pre-programmed movements.

modular robot

For more advanced functionality, Custom Mode detects the position of each cell unit and allows you to set specific parameters for how each unit will move. You have the power to create complex and specific movements and save them for later access or sharing.

Key Features

  • No programming knowledge required
  • Unique and concentrated movement
  • Near-endless functionality
  • Educational and accessible
  • Servo (360 degree) motion
  • Heart supports up to 20 cells
  • Open Hardware Platform Interface (HPI) to encourage community growth

modular robot

Price & Availability

CellRobot’s Kickstarter campaign is coming to a close on Friday, September 16th. They have successfully surpassed their goal of $50,000 and hope to ship by December 2016. CellRobot will ship in a variety of packages. The basic package has only the essentials, including 1 cell and 2 wheels, and is planned to retail for $260. On the other end, the Mega package includes 14 cells, 4 wheels, 2 mounts, and 1 vision cell. It will retail at $1,040.

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