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Solar Baby Bed Will Rescue Babies from Hypothermia

Built for babies in the harsh African climate, the Suncubator baby bed protects infants from the cool night air by harvesting heat during the day. Africa’s barren lands can see temperatures drop up to 30 degrees from noon to night. Even a single degree drop is enough to reduce immunity by up to 30%. This makes African infants exposed to deadly diseases especially vulnerable. The Suncubator is here to rescue African babies. The Suncubator protects infants from infection and hypothermia by providing a warm, cost-effective, and semi-permanent bed to sleep in at night.

solar baby bed

The Design

Designed for simplicity, Yanko Design’s oval shaped Suncubator is inspired by a mother’s womb and helps keep infants warm at night through its curved design and heat-storing materials.

solar baby bed

How it Works

The Suncubator works due to a blend of materials used in its construction. A soft foam outer layer allows the toddler to sleep comfortably. Underneath, a layer of polymer gel retains and radiates heat from the sun and from the infant’s body heat. A sun symbol on the baby bed is coated with heat-sensitive Zion ink. When the incubator gets warm enough, the sun changes color indicating that it is ready for use.

solar baby bed

Key Features

  • Oval shape minimizes heat loss
  • Hygienic soft-foam outer layer
  • Inner layer of Polymer gel absorbs and stores heat for up to 12 hours
  • Sun-icon sensor informs users when fully charged
  • Zion ink changes color in response to temperature

baby bed

For more information, check out their IDSA page.

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