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Gadget Guide for Unique Back-to-School Supplies

As school bells ring in the new academic year, it’s time to restock and gear up with back-to-school supplies. In a sea of standard pencils and notebooks, everyone headed back to class is looking to define their own style and make their mark with truly unique school supplies and accessories.

Our high-quality designs are functional and fun additions to any student’s inventory, from grade school up through college. We’ve come up with a collection of our own high-quality products that are certain to stand out above the rest. We’ve picked a few of our favorites that you’re sure to love.

Geppetto’s Pencil Sharpener

It may not be a real boy, but Geppetto’s Pencil Sharpener makes a great desktop companion. This cute, hand painted tool puts your pencil in place of Pinocchio’s nose. Just give it a twist and sharpen it up!

back-to-school supplies

Penguin Water Bottle

This irresistibly cute Penguin Water Bottle is sure to be a favorite for men and women of all ages. The bottle is made of high-quality materials, and the inner container holds 9.5oz of liquid.

back-to-school supplies

DIY Pixar Lamp

The charming and beautiful DIY Pixar Lamp is the perfect creative companion to any desk or nightstand. Modeled after Pixar’s famous Luxo Lamp, the lamp is crafted from 100% wood pieces and has flexible joints to allow it to bend to a variety of different positions. It can even be painted to match your decor.

back-to-school supplies

Guitar Case Lunch Box

This rock’n’roll Guitar Case Lunch Box will make anyone feel like the hippest kid in school. This classic tin lunchbox conceals your kid’s lunch in style. Your kid can prove their rock-star credentials with their favorite band stickers as well as ten stickers we’ve included in the pack. Give your kids the lunch box with an attitude.

back-to-school supplies

Ostrich Pillow Original

Don’t you ever just want to get away from it all? The Ostrich pillow wraps around your head in a breathable cocoon so you can enjoy a serious power nap on their desk, on the plane, or during the commute to school. The unique design offers a cozy microenvironment that blocks out outside noise and isolates you without the need to leave the desk or chair. The two top openings are designed to create further comfort by enabling them to rest their arms and hands.

back-to-school supplies


Check our entire Back-to-school collection, and discover future back-to-school products on our blog.


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