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Christmas Home Décor Guide for 2020

The festive season is upon us, which means it’s time to get the décor up. There’re so many Christmas décor pieces that can bring much-needed joy to our lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. To get you started, we’ve rounded up our best Christmas décor ideas to help you dress up your space for the season.

Christmas Tree Glass Jar String Lights

Our Christmas Tree Glass Jar String Lights feature snow-dusted mini Christmas trees in small corked glass bottles on a clear cable. The bottles also contain LED lights that produce a white or warm white glow. Adorn your mantles or doorways with these festive string lights. They’ll add some sparkle to your holiday décor.

Christmas Tree Tapestry

Whether you’re short on space, the owner of cats who love to climb, or just looking to spruce up your holiday décor, try our Christmas Tree Tapestry! Made of soft flannelette, this tapestry features a Christmas tree on a white background. The tree can still be covered with your ornaments. Hang this holiday décor piece on the wall, or use it as a tablecloth or room divider.

Tulle Christmas Tree

Looking for a non-traditional Christmas tree? Make a Tulle Christmas Tree yourself! Easy to assemble, these 3.9’ high (1.2 m high) trees are made of pink or red tulle, and decorated with stars and/or balls. Some styles are also wound with lights and clear crystals. Add more ornaments, or leave the tree as it is for a simpler yet still sweet and dreamy décor.

Wooden House Ornament

Offered in 5 lovely styles, our Wooden House Ornament is a wooden house incised with windows and a door or carved with bells, birds, or snowmen. Hung from the branches of your Christmas tree, these ornaments will bring a rustic feel to your home. As the inside LEDs light up, these houses are sure to add a touch of festive flair to your home this season.

Christmas LED Curtain of Lights

Measuring 9.8’ x 9.8’, our Christmas LED Curtain of Lights is a curtain of 304 LED lights that give off a warm white glow and produces a waterfall effect. Dress up your walls or windows with these curtain lights. Whether you’re decorating for Christmas or a party, these curtain lights will create a beautiful ambiance for your home. You’ll appreciate this curtain each time you use it.

Light Up Gnomes

Gnomes play an important role in the Scandinavian Christmas customs. Much like the American Santa, they serve as gift bearers. Sporting the iconic long beard, pointy hat, and round nose, our Light Up Gnome features a cute eye-less and mouth-less design, illuminated by an LED light from within. Celebrate Christmas like a Scandinavian with these gnome ornaments!

Wooden Santa Claus Decoration

Offered as Santa, elk, and snowman characters, these wooden décor will give your home some rustic Christmas charm. You can hang from a tree a Santa with a cute round body, or put on your table a standing snowman in brown boots. The bodies of these décor are hollowed out to hold a festive winter landscape, highlighted by LED lights that cast a joyful glow.

Simple Wooden Holiday Ornaments

These Simple Wooden Holiday Ornaments come in stylish options featuring elks, Santa, ice skates, Christmas trees, or pickups with Christmas trees in the beds. You’ll definitely want to collect them all! Hang these cute wooden ornaments on a string, chandelier, Christmas tree, or just anywhere you need additional holiday décor. They’ll add some lovely rustic charm to your space.

Christmas String Lights

Combine two of the most important holiday features! Offered in three lengths, our Christmas String Lights feature red, gold, and green plastic balls with a unique splash pattern. Wrap the string lights around a Christmas tree, string them around windows, or drape them across your table—your choices are endless! These string lights will cast a celebratory glow in your space.

Christmas Angel Dolls

These cute Christmas figurines come in 14 styles, ranging from girls and angels to elks, Santa, and snowmen. Collect them all or create a collection of just your favorite styles. Hang these décor on your tree branches, in your windows, or around door frames; place them on your mantel or console table. These figurines will add some cuteness to your holiday display.

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