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Thai Style: An Incredible Interior Design Style You Should Know

The Thai style is an obscure interior design style. It’s ebullient, and has a unique Southeast Asian flavor. Today, we’ll introduce to you the key characteristics that define a Thai-style home.

Common Elements

The Thai style is unique in its decorative elements with Thai characteristics, such as soft canopies, Buddha statues, rustic rattan chairs, retro wall paintings, exquisite wood carvings, and gold or silver vessels. Stacked or scattered for everyday use or display, the elements show the elegance peculiar to the Thai style.

The elephant is the national symbol of Thailand.

Weaving rattan chairs is one of Southeast Asia’s traditional crafts.

The canopy and retro wall paintings make the bedroom look and feel romantic and mysterious.

Engraved with beautiful totems with Thai characteristics, the tin vessel is one of Thailand’s traditional handicrafts.

Bright Colors

Bright colors are typical of the Thai style, making it as perfectly pleasant and visually impactful as Thailand’s tropical fruits. Among the colors, gold is the most used one. This eye-catcher adds an abundant and luxurious touch to a Thai-style home.

Though colorful, the Thai-style home isn’t simply an accumulation of colors. Instead, colors are proportioned to one another to make the home full of flavor and passion.

Influenced by other interior design styles, the Thai-style color schemes have evolved from passionate into restrained and elegant while keeping the original keynote.

To sum up, the characteristics of the Thai style are as follows:

  1. Use bright colors.
  2. The materials are predominated by rattan and wood, paired with linen, cloth, etc., for a natural feel.
  3. The interior design has strong Thai characteristics, such as totems, and woven textures.
  4. Gold and silver vessels are the kernel of the decoration.
  5. Choose brightly-colored rugs and wall paintings.
  6. Greenery is indispensable.
  7. Add classic statues of the Buddha or his hands.

This niche style is nationally unique yet inclusive and loaded.

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