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September Birthday Gift Guide for 2022

With each new month, there’s a new set of birthdays to celebrate and a need for unique gifts that show just how much you care. We have put together a bunch of gift ideas, ranging from jewelry, home decor, gadgets, and more. Scroll down to see more!

Did you know that Sapphires, Sept’s birthstone, is the 2nd hardest mineral on the planet? Available in a rainbow of other colors, sapphires have been long associated with romance and are also said to symbolize fidelity. So, a sapphire-related gift is perfect for September babies!

Knowledgeable Cat Necklace

This nerd cat necklace features a cute cat wearing a pair of fashionable glasses, making it perfect for any occasion, including your next event!

Day And Night Watch

A whimsical wristwatch! Our Day and Night Watch showcases a unique design that has the sun coming out in the day and the moon appearing at night.

Vintage Inspired Flower Hooks

Aster is the birth flower of September. These Vintage Inspired Flower Hooks are a delightful addition to any room in your home. They come in five different styles and the aster design is perfect for any Virgos and Libras.

Blooming Flower Necklace

This Bloom Flower Necklace is a delicate and timeless piece that features red and blue color scheme. The aesthetically arranged blooms also add a touch of elegance to your outfit and are sure to make turn heads. Inspired by nature’s majestic blossoms, this necklace will make you will feel like walking in a garden!

Libra Octopus Brooch

Virgo and Libra are the astrological signs of September. Why not please that special someone with an exclusive astrological gift? The Libra Octopus Brooch is perfect for the Libra in your life. It’s an octopus, which is a symbol of balance and equilibrium. So, whether you’re gifting it to someone who is a Libra or just want to give someone a Libra-related gift, this is a perfect choice.

Zodiac Sign Ore Lamps

Whether your giftee is a Cancer, Scorpion, or Pisces, we have the perfect zodiac ore lamp for them! Our zodiac sign ore lamps come in 12 different styles, so you can choose the perfect one. Each zodiac sign ore lamp is made of high quality materials like plaster and ore, which are bound to last for years.

Dinosaur Ornament

Introducing the perfect gift for bikers and dino lovers of all ages. This motorbike riding dinosaur design is sure to add some excitement to your holiday decor and start interesting conversations. Whether you’re looking for a fun new addition for your tree or a unique gift for the dinosaur lover in your life, this Dinosaur Ornament is a crowd pleaser.

Adorable Duck Butt Night Light

This quackingly cute night light not only provides you with a soft, soothing light to help you fall asleep, but it also doubles as a phone holder so you can keep your phone close by while you sleep. It’s so adorable that it will bring a smile to your face every time so why wait? Order your Adorable Duck Butt Night Light today!

Moveable Storage

It’s Arts and Crafts time with your bestie, and she pulls out the most amazing supply storage cart ever. This Moveable Storage comes in your choice of two or three layer designs. Ideal for brushes, stickers, candle molds, and more!

Modern CD Player

A throwback to the days of dials, buttons, and big speakers, our Modern CD Player is a sleek vintage-inspired design for those who still believe vinyl sounds better than digital and want to get into the mood for a little bit of nostalgia. Available in three colors, this CD player will look great in any room.

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