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The Best Gifts for People Who Love Beer, Wine, Spirits and Oktoberfest

On everyone’s holiday shopping list, there’s an adult beverage related gift for that special someone who loves their glass of wine, whiskey, beer, etc.  This year, if you want to give more than a bottle, buy your Oktoberfest goin, booze-lovin friend a unique glass or drink accessory! Browse through our gifts below to find fun beer glasses, whiskey cups, drinking games and more!

Horn Glass With Stand

Take a break from plundering villages or taming dragons with this novelty Horn Glass With Stand. Great as a gift for your favorite Viking.

Oktoberfest drinking

Glass Beer Boot

Das boot! For the truly intrepid, this glass beer boot makes downing your beer awesome. Can you defeat the Glass Beer Boot? Holds two full liters of beer.

Oktoberfest drinking

Diamond Glass

For something a tad bit classy, bust out these glamorous diamond glasses for your happy hour wine and spirits. The glasses sit at an angle to allow you to enjoy the full bodied flavor and beautiful color of your favorite drinks.

oktoberfest drinking

Chemistry Mug

These Chemistry mugs will allow you to savor the intricacies of the molecules while you get your drink on. Also available as a coffee mug.

Oktoberfest drinking

Shoots and Ladders Shot Glass Game

Ready for a roaring good time? This Shoots and Ladders Shot Glass Game is the perfect way to get your drinking party started. Includes six shot glasses and game board. Works great with beer or liquor. Please drink responsibly!

oktoberfest drinking

Great Drinkers Shot Glasses

Wish you catch a drink with one of the great literary giants? How bout you take a shot with them instead! These Great Drinkers Shot Glasses pay tribute to famous poets and authors that are well known for their prose and their drinking habits. Each glass includes a portrait and a memorable drinking quote. Raise a glass to Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde, Dorothy Parker, Winston Churchill, W.B. Yeats and Charles Baudelaire. This set is the perfect gift for that friend who loves to read, write and drink.

drinking gifts

Skull & Bullet Combo Bottle Opener

If you have a friend that matches the dictionary’s definition of cool, then get them some cool barware. This sturdy, vintage-style Skull & Bullet opener features the antique gothic look that every cool guy loves. It’ll be right at home looped on a keyring or tucked away in a home bar drawer. This unique bottle opener is the best gift for your cool friend who likes wine and beer. They can use it to pop open a cold one, or pull off its bullet casing to use the corkscrew for vino.

drinking gifts

Chevalier Wine Glass Set (2)

Speaking of vino, here’s a unique wine glass for that friend who always has a glass of wine in their hand. This set of two Chevalier Wine Glass Set is the ideal wine glass set for wine connoisseurs. Handcrafted and designed to create an enhanced wine drinking experience, these unique glasses come with a built in wine aroerator.  All you have to do is pour your wine in the center aroerator, watch the wine gracefully stream out and then sip flavorful, smooth wine.

drinking gifts

Wine Cooling Cups

Have a friend who likes to baby their drinks and always ends up with warm wine or cocktails? Then cure their problems with these Wine Cooling Cups. Made from two layers of BPA free plastic that encase a unique cooling gel, these Wine Cooling Cups will keep both red and white wines at their proper temperatures. For white wines, place your Wine Cooling Cups in the freezer for two hours to keep your white wine between 43 and 53 degrees F.  For red wines, refrigerate the cups for two hours  to keep your drink between 58 and 60 degrees F.

drinking gifts

Cocktail R-Evolution

There’s always that one friend or family member who is mixing up new drink concoctions and experimenting with different spirits, syrups and flavors.  So this year, surprise them with a gift that will nurture their inner scientist! Our Cocktail R-Evolution Set comes with everything you need to mix up molecular style cocktails. With this kit, your friend can practice popular molecular gastronomy techniques like spherification, emulsification, gelification and suspension. Get ready to drink tasty and Instagram worthy looking drinks!

Want to fine more unique drinking gifts? Click here to view our Wine & Liquor gift page!

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