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Your Self-Care Gift Guide to Keep You On Track In The New Year

If you’ve set 2021 resolutions for yourself this month and hope to continue them as the year progresses, there are plenty of items to treat yourself to that will help you along the way. Whether you’re hoping to improve your sleep schedule, your exercise routine, or your organizational skills, the gift guide below is sure to help you get to where you want to be.

Achieving your goals and staying on track in the new year goes hand-in-hand with self-care, which is why it’s crucial to prioritize your basic needs before tackling your resolutions. The useful gifts below are your perfect source for self-investment inspiration and a reliable list for anyone who wants to encourage a loved one to stick to their 2021 aspirations so that they can continue to reach for the sky!

For Self-Care:

Calming Crystals

Regardless of if you consider yourself to be a crystal expert or a novice, there’s no denying that crystals have a calming presence. Aside from the beautiful visuals they offer, many believe the touch of a crystal or even being in the mere presence of one allows you to better connect yourself to the earth, thus grounding you during times of stress. These fragrant crystals come with relaxing essential oils, making them a quality self-care purchase for clearing your mind and staying on track.

Satin Pajamas

Have you ever felt as though your bedtime routine has been missing something you can’t put your finger on? Sometimes it’s the simple things like a satin pajama set that have the ability to put you at ease as you climb into bed after a long day. Soft pajamas like these are the perfect way to treat yourself or a loved one who made it a goal of theirs to get more sleep in 2021!

An Aromatherapy Machine 

Smell is one of our more powerful senses though it tends to be overlooked quite often. An easy way to tap into the power of smell and use it to your advantage is with an aromatherapy machine you can add to your desk decor! These humidifiers offer a mood-boosting mist that’s sure to keep you engaged as you work or clean at any time of day. You can also try curating the oils you use to help with your mood as well. Using a certain scent to combat negative emotions or to allow you some relaxation time at your desk during the day will keep you feeling alert and zen during moments of high anxiety.

Top Quality Underwear

When was the last time you upgraded your underwear? If you’re like most of the population, it’s probably been a while. Wearing the wrong intimates throughout your day that don’t provide enough support or end up irritating your skin can leave you feeling off-track and unmotivated. If you’re looking for a quick fix for feeling your best in your everyday clothes, treat yourself to some new pairs of top quality underwear instead of buying a whole new wardrobe. Upgrading your basic wardrobe essentials is a thoughtful act of self-care that you won’t regret in months to come.

For Staying on Track:

A Dreamy Planner

Getting organized with your personal goals each January isn’t as simple as it may seem, especially when you’re limited on time, that’s why 2021 is the perfect year to purchase a planner you’ll want to come back to each and every day. This dreamy holographic planner is a beautiful blend of fun and functional! Having a unique planner that stands out among the rest will keep even those who dread mapping out their schedule on track now, and in the months to come.

Planner Stickers

Planner stickers are a thoughtful gift for anyone who tends to be very type A, or for someone who is trying to be more type A based on their resolutions. If you or a loved one fall into this category, these inspirational yet purposeful stickers are an affordable gift for all! From marking up your favorite ideas to rewarding yourself with a new sticker when you get something done, they are both motivating and magical.

Gel Pens

Are you someone who can’t stand to do things in plain black and white? Gel pens are an excellent solution. It can be hard to maintain your goals or to write out daily tasks if you’re bored by the process, which is why adding some color is a sure-fire way to spice things up. This set of 140 different colored gel pens is a marvelous gift for yourself, or a friend who doesn’t like to do things by the book.  

Smart Notebooks

Have you been looking for a zero-waste way to keep up with your resolutions? There are proven benefits to physically writing out the things you want to remember and accomplish, which is why jotting down your goals is a better option cognitively, in comparison to typing. However, it’s been hard to justify the paper waste that comes from regular notebooks, until options like this smart notebook came along! Rocketbook allows you to scan, upload, and erase the notes you take, making it an unmatched gift for anyone who tends to go through notebooks fast!

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