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4 Unique Stationary Sets for Paper Loving Old Souls

Do you love the smell of paper and writing down your thoughts, feelings and ideas on paper? Then this is the blog for you. If you enjoy writing letters, thank you cards, etc., then you are going to love these unique stationary sets.

Scroll down to see four unique stationary sets that will make your stationary loving heart flutter with every note you write!

Woodland Creature Notecard Set

unique stationary

How adorable is this animal and forest themed notecard set? This charming, unique stationary features illustrations from the artist Marisa Redondo. It comes with 12 notecards, matching stickers, 13 envelopes and 6 coordinating black pens. Basically everything you need to send out the most memorable letters.  It’s the perfect gift for animal lovers and whimsical woodland fairies!

Omoshiroi Architectural Block Note Pad

unique stationary

Forget your plain old yellow sticky pads! This gorgeous and unique stationary Omoshiroi Architectural Block Notepad is a must have.  Created and formed by laser cutting technology, this gradient colored notepad is a work of art.  Once you finish using all your notepad paper, the end result is a breathtaking scene of a temple surrounded by cherry blossom trees. Give this stationary set to  someone who pays attention to details and appreciates intricate designs.

Cityscapes Memo Pad

unique stationary

This unique stationary set is for all of you who love to give handwritten notes, travel the world and dive into new books.  Our colorful Cityscapes Memo Pad features four famous landmarks from famous cities around the world. The Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the Empire State Building, you name it, this pad has it all. Each of the famous landmarks are bookmarks made of stainless steel, so you end up with two gifts!  Use these bookmarks to reminded yourself of the new places you want to go and experience a new chapter in your story.

Giraffe Note Box and Pad Refill Set

unique stationary

Ok get ready for a plot twist. From the looks of it, do you think this cute and quirky safari styled notepad is made out of an elephant’s digested dinner? Well it is! This cool and unique stationary set is made of elephant poop (LOL).  Give this sustainable and eco-friendly notepad set to friends and family who care about animals and the environment. Give a gift that preserves the world and hear a big belly laugh!

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