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5 Subtle Halloween Skull Decorations for Your Home

September is almost over and it’s time to buy cool skull decorations and brainstorm Halloween decor ideas. Save some cash and avoid buying seasonal Halloween decorations. Instead invest in some unique skull decorations that you can use all year long!

Keep reading for 5 skull decorations that are fun, affordable and can be used during Halloween or any other occasion!

Skull Decorations Pick #1. Skull Shot Set, $15.99

skull decorations

All of your friends will want to take a shot out of these Halloween Skull Shot Glasses. Made out of high quality glass, these shot glasses are a great host gift for friends that throw over the top Halloween Parties.

They’d also be a great treat yo self gift if you just really like skulls or have a shot glass collection. Fill them with a splash of this The Black Cat Cocktail Recipe and toast to Halloween!

Skull Decorations Pick #2: Skull Glass Drinking Jar, $11.98

skull decorations

What’s cuter than a plain ol’ portable mason jar? A Skull Glass Drinking Jar!  Be trendy and spooky at the same time as you drink your choice of poison out of this portable Skull Drinking Jar.

 Be extra festive and fill it with this Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie to celebrate fall and Halloween. You can be healthy and spooky!

Skull Decorations Pick #3: Pastel Skull Candle, $20

skull decorations

Breakout from the traditional Halloween colors and have a softer, feminine Halloween vibe i your home with these pastel skull candles. These detailed, one-of-a-kind skull candles are made of a soy wax, natural dyes, a vanilla scent and burn for 10 – 12 hours.

What’s great about these candles is the fact that they’ll fit in with the rest of your Halloween decor once Halloween is over. Wise investment? We think yes!

Skull Decorations Pick #4: Sweet Spirit Cookie Cutters, $8

skull decorations

Kickoff your Dia de los Muertas celebration and bake Day of the Dead Sugar cookies with these Sweet Spirit Cookie Cutters. While this holiday starts off on October 31, you can serve these festive and colorful skull cookies at fiesta parties, Halloween parties, engagement parties or weddings!

If you don’t celebrate Halloween but are interested in Latinx culture throw a Day of the Dead party instead.  Read this Apollo Box Blog to learn the meaning behind this sacred holiday and follow this Sugar Cookie Recipe to bake soft and delicious sugar cookies.

Skull Decorations Pick #5: Skull Planter, $13.99

skull decorations

If you work at a place that isn’t too big on Halloween, celebrate Halloween at your desk in a tasteful, subtle way with this unique Skull Planter.  It fits in the palm of your hand and can be used all year long.

Plant your favorite succulent in it and follow this guide to keep your plant alive year round. If you’re not a plant person, then use this cute skull to store pens and office supplies. Or use it to serve Halloween candy in the office!

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