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9 Fall Date Ideas That Have All the Autumn Feels

fall date ideas

Colored leaves are falling on the ground, pumpkin patches are sprouting up on street corners and football games are taking over television ratings. All of these occurrences point to one thing: Fall is coming, and it’s time to brainstorm cozy fall date ideas.

While hot summer dates have their pros, there’s something so charming and exciting about fall date ideas. Jumping in gigantic piles of leaves, drinking spiced chai, planning Halloween costumes and trips to the pumpkin patch, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re looking to add some fall goodness into your life, then keep scrolling down! Do any of these fall date ideas to experience all the romantic feels fall has to offer you and your crush. We also included some cute fall gifts that will transform your date into the perfect fall date.

Fall Date #1: Watch the Netflix Fall Lineup

fall date ideas

There’s nothing better than curling up on your couch with your S/O and binge watching Netflix on a windy, fall day. This pastime is one of the more laid back fall date ideas on the list, but it is oh so satisfying.

Watch one of these fall themed movies and see the magic of fall unfold on the big screen. Wrap yourself up in this comfy Pom Pom Throw Blanket and surround yourself with your favorite snacks and a cup of hot tea, chocolate or coffee to have the ultimate Netflix experience.

fall date ideas

Fall Date #2: Go Apple Picking

fall date ideas

Apples are a staple fall fruit. Apple picking is one of the fall date ideas that can lead to another fall themed date: baking apple crumples and apple pies!

Apple season ends in mid October in most regions of the country, so make sure to research the times and season of the your closest apple orchard, then finalize a date asap. If you can’t wait till you get home to make an apple concoction, bring some caramel sauce, this handy apple slicer and eat caramel apple slices on the orchard.  

fall date ideas

Fall Date #3: Go For a Hayride 

fall date ideas

Out of all the fall date ideas, this might be the most American. Taking a hayride is a US tradition  and there’s nothing more fun than a hayride at the pumpkin patch. 

Layer yourself in warm clothes, bring a cozy blanket, thermos of apple cider, and take in the beauty of the farm as you lean back against the haystacks.  You’ll walk away from this date feeling rustic and sentimental. 

Fall Date #4: Try a new Pumpkin Spice Treat

fall date ideas

For a majority of people fall means one thing: Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  Starbucks introduced this cult fall drink back in 2003 and our lives have never been the same.

This fall, broaden both you and your beau’s horizons and treat your palette to a new pumpkin spice treat. Think pumpkin spice flavored pancakes or pumpkin spice macaroons.  It’s good to try new things!  For those of you who have drinking a PSL at the top of your fall date ideas list, that’s ok too! This year sip it out of an adorable mug like this Sleepy Cat Cup and take your much needed PSL selfies.

fall activities

Fall Date #5: Hunt for Cute & Unique Fall Home Decor

fall date ideas

So this might be a fall date that only the ladies appreciate, but one of the best date ideas is dusting off the fall decorations and transforming your home into a fall sanctuary. So this year go ham and hunt down all the latest fall home decor deals!

While collecting fall home decor essentials that have all the fall vibes, don’t forget to grab items that will fill your home with fall scents. These wax Mason Melts come in the classic fall scents Pumpkin Pie and Crisp Apple. Your entire home will smell like the essence of fall as soon as you heat these bad boys up.

fall date ideas

Fall Date #6: Go Through a New Book Togetherfall date ideas

If you and your partner are trying to wean off tv and complete your 2018 reading list, then this is the fall date for you. Fall is the perfect season to get your nose in a book and lost in your imagination.

Pick a book to go through together and set aside a day each week to meet up and discuss your thoughts and opinions. Use a fun bookmark like this Vintage Flower Bookmark to save your spot when it’s time for lights out!

fall activities

Fall Date #7: Pick and Decorate Pumpkins Together

fall date ideas

You had to see this one coming, and even though it’s cliche, the timeless date of going to the pumpkin patch had to be on our list of fall date ideas.  Going to the pumpkin patch and picking out the perfect pumpkin is a fall must!

This fall date will show you how creative your date is. It’ll also show you if they like to get messy or prefer to clean things up asap! If you and your date hate the idea of getting pumpkin guts all over your hands, then try some of these no-carve pumpkin decorating! Take a look at this blog for some inspiration.

Fall Date #8: Go On A Star Gazing Picnic

fall date ideas

Just before chilling temperatures take over, plan an intimate picnic out under the stars! A starlit picnic is the best atmosphere to woo your special person and snuggle close while looking for shooting stars and constellations.

If you really want to wow your boo, then pack a fancy picnic in the Piccadilly Picnic Basket. This basket comes with everything you’ll need to create the picnic of your loved ones dreams. All you’ll have to do is pack some fancy sandwiches, chocolates, pick up a bottle of wine and you’ll be good to go!

fall date ideas

Fall Date #9: Tour a Cider Mill or Brewery

fall date ideas

Summers are for dates out in the vineyards and fall is for days tasting different ciders and beers. This autumn season,  spend time at your local brewery tasting the different flavors and learning fun brewery facts.

This is a the perfect group date activity if you want to include family or friends. Another plus about planning a brewery date is the fact that you can take this date at your own pace. This is a date for couples that are in a time crunch or  have all day to spend time together.

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