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10 Popular Party Favors Everyone Will Love 2022

When it comes to party favors, the possibilities are endless. From stickers and temporary tattoos to gummy bears and glow sticks, there’s a party favor for every event and every guest. Keep reading for some popular party favor ideas that will leave guests talking long after your event has ended.

Ballpoint Pen Bones Set

Crafted with memory foam and plastic, the Ball Point Pen Bones Set measures approximately 5.8” in length and feature a variety of bone and joint looks. Use these unique office accessories every day or put them in your goodie bags for Halloween and other themed parties.

Green Mini Gift Bucket

You’ve been wanting to give something extra special to someone since the day you met them, so why not send them a Green Mini Gift Bucket from our selection of scented options? Their favorite scent will be waiting for them when they unwrap their gift! There are two options to choose from.

Strawberry Inspired Scented Candles

These small scented candles are perfect for a host looking to delight guests with a thoughtful and festive favor. These candles are offered in two colors, and shaped like cute strawberries. They’ll make an adorable display anywhere you put them, from your mantelpiece to the kitchen counter.

Creme Filled Cookie Soaps

Soaps are another traditional party favor, and a way to keep skin clean and moisturized. But we’re looking for something that’s just a little more fun, like these soaps in the shape of Oreo cookies with a delicious chocolate scent. They’re perfect for stocking stuffers or as favors for birthday parties.

Mushroom Cocktail Glass

Whether you’re searching for a unique way to present your drink, or looking for a fun party favor, this 4.7” tall cocktail glass makes a great gift. With its small size, it’s perfect as a stocking stuffer or to give out at parties and celebrations. The mushroom shape will make sipping any drink more enjoyable.

Personalized Constellation Coffee Mug

Why not make your next event more memorable by giving your guests a personalized party favor to take home with them? This 4.7” tall mug is the perfect way to do just that. Choose from one of our constellation patterns and add a personal message for the recipient. This glass mug features a bamboo lid and crystal-topped spoon; its handle is filled with white or colorful crystals, so you can drink hot or cold beverages in style.

Unique Music Pendant

You can always count on music to make a party more fun, and this keychain or necklace is the perfect way to have some tunes on hand whenever one needs them. It features an industrial-style wind-up music box that plays the Carrying You ending theme song from Castle in the Sky in a clear box.

Double-Sided Photo Frames

This picture frame is not just a party favor. It’s about the memories, the moments, and how you want to keep them alive. You can put a photo, artwork, or even a plant specimen between the glass pieces, or leave the frame empty and let your guests use it however they like—it comes in two sizes and colors, so there’s a perfect one for any occasion!

Mini Potted Plant Ornament

Plants work great for party favors. By giving these beautiful glass plants to your guests, you can add beauty to their homes. Offered in six different styles, this decoration features a cute glass plant in a white pot. These ornaments not only are a no-maintenance way to bring nature indoors, but also will add a fun touch to one’s home.

Floral Temporary Tattoo

Temporary tattoos are always a popular party favor, and you can’t go wrong with our Floral Temporary Tattoos. Offered in 11 styles, these tattoos feature a beautiful flower, and can last for 3-5 days. Apply these tattoos onto your arms, neck, legs, or back to elevate your look.

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