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Creative Home Decor Tips for the Autumn Season

By Jean Lovette

It’s time to fall in love with autumn and harvest that home-decorating creativity! The season evokes nostalgic memories of fire pits, pumpkin lattes, and crockpots with comfort foods. May the forest be with you as you try some of these creative home decor tips to welcome the autumn season.

Fall Tablescapes

Gear up for fall with a gorgeous fall tablescape. Tablescapes are festive and add an elegant touch to fall parties and gatherings. A few pumpkins are good for a start. Go a step further and add a vintage candle lantern and some pine cones.

Fall Flowers

Fall floral arrangements are an easy way to celebrate the change in season. Add wildflowers to a vase to liven up kitchen tables, or place potted mums or a fall arrangement on your patio or deck. Plenty of flowers come to life in autumn, as others are calling it quits.  A garland with an assortment of fall flowers draped across the fireplace mantle creates a stunning look.


Lights can really brighten up your fall decor inside and out. Fall decor can be as simple as garland string lights or a lighted fall wreath. Lights are awesome because you can add them anywhere. They’re festively draped in trees and bushes outside, or in vases and centerpieces inside your home.

Fall Scents

Appeal to all five senses when entertaining your guests. Nothing gets people in the mood for fall like pumpkin spice. It’s the official smell of fall. Adding pumpkin spice to your diffuser or burning candles with pumpkin or apple pie scents will certainly get you excited for a new season. Diffusing orange and cinnamon oils also boosts your mood. And you can’t go wrong with scented hand-washing soaps.

Create a Fall Front Door Display

Let guests know you’re ready for the season with a front door display that screams fall. A wreath decorated with dried flowers or leaves, and ribbons in autumn hues, with a festive mat, are simple ways to add touches of fall to your door. Incorporate a few potted mums, gourds and pumpkins alongside your front steps and walkways. Finally, enhance the display with festive fall lights or Halloween decor, and you now have a front entry that celebrates the new season.

A Whole Lot of Pumpkins

Pumpkins are the iconic trademark of fall and Halloween. They come in a variety of sizes and can be used for indoor and outdoor decorations. Head to a pumpkin patch to choose a variety. For your home, fill a see-through vase or lantern with small sugar pumpkins to create a simple, fall table-topper. (You’ll need the sugar pumpkins anyway if you plan to make a pie.) Or you can paint the smaller pumpkins in decorative colors such as gold or white. Place the painted pumpkins on tables or use them in centerpieces.

Outside your home, stack pumpkins on your porch or patio for a quick, easy festive look. Add curb appeal by painting three or four pumpkins and placing them with other fall or Halloween decorations. Carving up pumpkins to display on your porch is an activity the entire family will enjoy. Happy decorating!

Jeannie Lovett is a home decorator who enjoys adding rustic touches to everything she designs. She specializes in creating energy-efficient homes and landscapes.

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