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This Daredevil House Defies Gravity!

Houses are generally built somewhere safe. However, some people tend to build a home at the most dangerous places.

Milad Eshtiyaghi, the Iranian architect, has envisioned a house that literally hangs off a cliff in northern California.

Similar to a cable-stayed bridge, the Suspended House is secured with two types of cables. The upper ones bear the load of the house, while the lower ones uplift and lateral wind loads.

To really get your heart racing, a glass terrace hangs below the structure. The terrace offers a glass bed, a set of glass sofas, and even a swing for the ultimate thrill experience! You can also go upstairs via a glass staircase.

The house also boasts all modern facilities, such as the network, an infinity pool, and a rainwater harvesting system.

It has every room an average home has. For example, in the south of the house is a bedroom, with a projection screen hanging in front of the bed. Over the bedroom is a mezzanine with an L-shaped table that functions as a study or office.

Next to the bedroom is the living room. There’s also an oversized bathroom, and a well-equipped kitchen and dining room.

Designed for a young couple, the house is now only a concept. Dare you live in such a house if it’s built?

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