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2021 Interior Design Trends Part Two

A lot of design agencies, designers, and critics have made predictions about 2021 interior design trends, many of which have coincided with each other.

Most of the predictions are based on studies of the 2020 data, but there are also new trends that have emerged in the design industry, ranging from discoveries of the past year to discoveries of the future. We can discover from it which design concept is worth considering and exploring.

Nostalgia in interior design has become a popular trend in 2020 as a way to make our homes more comfortable, according to a report by Modsy, an online interior design website. This trend doesn’t mean modern design is not out of date, but we can not deny that 70s and 80s retro designs are drawing more public attention. We can expect a trend shift towards traditional decoration.

In 2021 Interior Design Trends Part One, we have shared with you nine popular interior design ideas. Home office, new minimalism, bubble glass lamps, and ancient roman figures… Here are the nine more trendy ideas!

Leisure Space-Home Office

A space designed for both work and leisure undoubtedly became the most popular idea during this season of interior design.

New Minimalism

A new movement that focuses on clear lines and high quality artwork.

Modern Classicism

Modern classicism is going to be a 2021 trend in the fall and winter, bringing classic style to the 2020s.

Natural materials

Though not new, this trend is still beloved in 2021. As people are building closer relationships between nature and home, vines and straws are more commonly adopted in furniture.

This reflects an increased consumer demand for sustainable, handmade materials and a higher priority for the industry in designing and sourcing for its customers. Natural materials can not only create a more layered space, but also create a connection between home and the outdoor environment. In addition, natural materials serve as a perfect indoor plant embellishment.

Natural materials even made their way into the fashion industry, as is shown in the following photo from Balmain Autumn Winter 2021 Couture Collection.

Bubble Glass Lamps

They are often found in luxurious interior design projects like private mansions or high end hotels. As a top design trend adopted by the world famous interior designers, bubble glass lamps are going to dominate Pinterest.

Chain Curtains

This is a new way to create more privacy or spatial division. Chain curtains are mainly seen in restaurants and interior design projects. Natural wood gives it a more bohemian modern feel.

Hanging Dry Plants

Inspired by nature, hanging dry plants has already become a feature of 2021’s interior design trend.

Ancient Roman Figures

Whether in modern luxury interior decor projects or small apartments, these iconic figures are a popular trend seen everywhere.

Indoor Garden

An indoor garden allows you to get in touch with nature every day. Better environment, better life.

Do you like these design ideas in 2021 Interior Design Trends? Leave your comments!

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