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10 Lunar Themed Gifts for National Moon Day

National Moon Day is coming up on July 20th, and what’s a better way to celebrate than with some awesome lunar-themed gifts? From Over The Moon Astronaut Decor to Moon Lamp and Humidifiers, there are plenty of ways to show your love for the moon. If you know someone who also loves the moon, here are 10 excellent gifts inspired by our favorite celestial orb.

Over The Moon Astronaut Decor

This astronaut is ready for take-off! The perfect addition to your space-themed room, our Over the Moon Astronaut Decor features a cute astronaut perched atop the moon. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves the moon, space travel, or astronauts. National Moon Day is coming up, so don’t miss out!

Sparkling Crystal Wind Chime

The soothing sound of a wind chime is sure to make your day. That’s why we’ve created this cute wind chime that you can hang outside your window to listen to at night and drift off to sleep. Our Sparkling Crystal Wind Chime features a moon on the top and dangling crystals making it perfect for National Moon Day.

Half-Moon Fairy Light Lamp

Our Half-Moon Fairy Light Lamp casts a warm glow with a battery-operated design that makes it the perfect, portable decoration for any occasion. Whether you’re celebrating National Moon Day or just looking for a new lighting idea, this half moon lamp is sure to meet your need. 

Astronaut and Moon Bookends

These bookends will make a statement on any bookshelf. Not only is it a functional bookend, but also a modern home decor piece. Great for National Moon Day, these astronauts and moons make for a thoughtful gift.

Crystal Moon Hair Clip

This Crystal Moon Hair Clip is a beautiful accessory to top off your updo. Affixed with two moons and dangling crystals, this hair clip is the perfect summer accessory and is sure to be a hit each time you wear it.

Glowing Moon-Shaped Keychain

This Glow in the Dark Moon Keychain is perfect for National Moon Day, or for any time you want to reminisce about our lovely celestial neighbor. It features a tiny 3D moon that glows in the dark and can be used as a night light or simply to brighten up your day.

Hanging Moon Lamp

We all want to feel like we own the moon. And now, with this Hanging Moon Lamp, you can! This beautiful lamp is the perfect accessory for your outdoor garden. It’s a unique way to create a romantic scene or to make National Moon Day more special.

Moon Crater Inspired Ashtray

This ashtray is a unique and thoughtful gift for the moon-lover in your life. This ashtray is made from cement and has a small astronaut resting on the moon. It’s a perfect way to remember the day we set foot on the moon. People all over the world gathered around televisions to watch.

Astronaut Lunar Lamp

The Astronaut Lunar Lamp is a fun and unique way to add some lunar style to your decor. This lamp features a delightful design that includes an astronaut lying on the moon. The lampshade is made from durable ceramic providing an even, diffused glow for years of enjoyment.

Moon Lamp And Humidifier

It’s hard to appreciate the beauty of the full moon when it’s not visible. But with this Moon Lamp And Humidifier, you can enjoy the full moon while also adding moisture to your home with a gentle mist. Choose between three different light settings: bright light, natural light, or warm light.

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