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13 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts Under $25

It’s that time of year again to remember all the reasons why you’re thankful for your mother.

That’s right, it’s almost Mother’s Day. If you’re working with a tight budget and haven’t even thought about what kind of unique gift you’re going to surprise your momma with, don’t fret, we got you covered!

We’ve got a list of cute, unique and personal gifts that’ll show your mom just how much you appreciate her without costing you an arm and a leg. So scroll down for 13 thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts under $25!

Retro Radio Bluetooth Speaker, $14.49

Mother's Day Gifts Under $25

This Retro Radio Bluetooth Speaker is the ideal home accessory. Whether she’s cooking dinner by herself or hosting a party, mom can play all her favorite tunes on this adorable radio. It’s cool design will make her reminisce back to the good ol’ days but also be grateful for today’s technology, hello Bluetooth! This sweet radio is available in pink, black, gray, green, and walnut. So it’s easy to find a shade that’ll suit mom’s home decor.

Mini Donuts Bracelet, $21.50

Mother’s Day Gifts Under $25

It’s not easy to find Mother’s Day Gifts under $25. Especially, when it comes to jewelry. Thankfully, we have a ton of unique jewelry gifts that will give your mom all the heart eyes. Our Mini Donuts Bracelet is inexpensive, charming and oh-so delicious-looking. Shaped like miniature donuts, this bracelet will add a sweet look to mom’s wrist.

Crescent Moon Fairy Light Lantern, $24.82

Mother’s Day Gifts Under $25

Lighting is the key to creating a cozy home. Chances are, your mom has quite a few lamps in her home already. But she probably doesn’t have anything as cool as our Crescent Moon Fairy Light Lantern. With colorful LED string lights, these lanterns add a colorful ambiance your mom will love.

Animal in the Alcove Mugs, $24.95

Mother’s Day Gifts Under $25

Does mom need her morning cup of coffee? Well surprise her with a bag of bold coffee beans and one of our Animal Mugs. Each mug comes with its own adorable animal. You can choose between a bear, rabbit, cat, lion, or dog. Or, you can buy the entire set for mom. Why not? These Mother’s Day Gifts under $25 won’t break the bank and your mom will love showing these insanely cute gifts off to her friends!

Crystal Clover Bracelet, $22.50

Mother's Day Gifts Under $25

Is your mom into crystals and sparkling statement pieces? Then update her jewelry collection with this pretty-in-pink bracelet Crystal Clover Bracelet. This unique bracelet is delicate and feminine, your mom will love wearing this dainty accessory. This pretty bracelet is a sweet gift that will show your mom just how much you care about her and her fashion needs this Mother’s Day.

Herban Garden Candles, $17.49

Mother's Day Gifts Under $25

These aren’t your typical candles. Our Herban Garden Candles double as vintage-style garden pots. Once the candle loses its fragrance, mom can use the pot to grow her own herb garden. The set includes oregano, basil, and parsley seed disc. All mom has to do is add water, sunlight, and watch her plants thrive.

Paris Flea Market Shot Glasses, $19.95

Mother's Day Gifts Under $25

Looking for thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts under $25? These feminine shot glasses are perfect for the mom who’s classy but also knows how to have a good time. If you’re mom isn’t into drinking but is obsessed with floral decor, these glasses can also double as decorations. Regardless of what they’re used for, these glasses are timeless and can be passed down throughout generations.

Hand Balms Kit, $24.97

Mother's Day gifts under $25

Shea butter, coconut oil, and essential oils come together to create this Hand Balms Kit. These lotions will nourish dry, cracked skin. Compact and prettily packaged, this set of hand lotions is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for a mom who always has moisturizer on hand and is a sucker for good packaging.

Glitter Flask, $24.00

Mother's Day Gifts under $25

If she’s going to drink from a flask it might as well be a Glitter Flask! This sassy flask is fun, sparkly and leak-proof thanks to its triple insulated design. Now mom won’t have to worry about spillage and can just focus on not getting caught while sneaking in some sips.

Crescent Moon Slippers, $24.98

Mother's Day gifts Under $25

Mother’s Day Gifts under $25 can be affordable and luxurious. Case and point – our Crescent Moon Slippers. These plush cotton slippers feel like mini clouds, are super cute and will keep your mom’s feet warm all day and night.

Wine Chillers (Set of 4), $20.00

Mother's Day Gifts Under $25

Finally, mom can keep her wine chilled WITHOUT impacting the flavor of her wine. These Wine Chillers come in a set of four and keep wine chilled 45 minutes longer than usual. Now she can sip and talk all she wants without worrying about her wine losing it’s flavor.

Leaf Shaped Wood Platter, $21.98

Mother's Day gifts under $25

Does mom enjoy hosting tea party’s? Or, does she need a place to sit her wine glass while on the couch? Our Leaf Shaped Wood Platter can serve several purposes. It’s handcrafted with aspen wood and small enough to store anywhere. Mom is sure to love this stylish piece.

Mini Geo Planter with Air Plant, $18.50

Mother's Day gifts under $25

If you’re looking for Mother’s Day gifts under $25 that are truly one-of-a-kind, then these Mini Geo Planters are your answer. Each of these Mini Geo Planters are truly one-of-a-kind and don’t have any duplicates. So your mom’s planter will be 100% original and just for her. These planters are compact and will fit perfectly on mom’s bookshelf, nightstand, or any other small nook that needs some greenery.

Looking for more Mother’s Day gifts? Then take a look at our Mother’s Day Collection!

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