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Renovation of an Old House in the 18th Century

VH Apartment, an 18th-century building in Madrid, needed a complete renovation of its layout, interior decor and lighting. Febrero Studio accepted the owner’s invitation to re-divide the 200-square-meter space into different functional zones, with a blue color scheme running through the interior.

The walls and cabinets in the hallway adopt light colors to create a relaxed, refreshing, and spacious visual experience. After re-adjusting the functional area, the necessary uprights are retained.

The brand-new space was customized with enough storage cabinets. Using metal as the panel, it has a very dynamic glossy feeling, and also makes the whole warm atmosphere instantly more modern and futuristic.

The herringbone wood splicing floor spreads through the entire public area, making it smoother and more unobstructed, and the green plants outside the window bring the house a pleasant and beautiful natural vibe.

To create a sense of tranquility and elegance in this old building, the designer chose blue tones to render the interior, painting the walls with blended micro-cement. It looks harmonious whether it is paired with wood, gauze curtains, or metal.

The dark blue kitchen island has a very powerful function. The steaming oven is embedded inside the counter, which looks neat and beautiful.

The same material continues to the sink, which looks very artistic.

The living room is covered with a smokey gray carpet, which looks warmer and more comfortable. The blue decorative painting and the storage table echo the color of the space. Some decorations such as fireplaces and other small items make the space more lively and interesting.

The metal cabinet in the corridor not only has the function of storage, but also cleverly hides the entrance of the bedroom. When you enter the interior, you can find that the blue tone of the private area is lighter, softer, and quieter.

The master bedroom includes a lounge, with custom-made light blue cabinets on all sides, which can store most of the clothes and sundries. The simple coffee table and a single chair in the central part create a very cozy and comfortable feeling.

The double bed in the master bedroom is lake blue, which is deeper and more tranquil.

There are three bedrooms in the 200 square meter space, each of which has abundant storage areas and customized desks as required. Facing the streetscape with green plants outside the window, all the worries seem to disappear.

There are three bathrooms in the home, which are convenient for the whole family and guests.

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