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Live in Glass House: Unique Home in Japan

Many people want a house with French windows, designed to maximize daylight and provide unhindered views.

However, House NA, located on a 592 ft2 plot in Tokyo, Japan, will make you forget French windows, because even its walls are mostly glass! It’s designed by the renowned architect Sou Fujimoto, and based on a white steel frame. Inspired by trees, the design brings the occupants closer to nature.

The house has three stories that are subdivided into 21 staggered platforms. The platforms range in size from 21.5 to 80.7 ft2, connected by simple birch wood stairs. Some of the floor plates are equipped with in-floor heating for cozy winters. You can read books, have a rest, or do your work on the platforms.

The house has every room one expects to find in a home, such as an open-plan kitchen, a transparent bathroom, and a study with a 9.8 ft tall bookshelf and ample daylight for reading.

Worrying that your every move in such a transparent house is visible to people outside? Take it easy—curtains are installed wherever you need them to provide some temporary privacy. At night, the house looks from outside like this:

More than a concept, the house stands there, in stark contrast to the ordinary concrete walls around it, to challenge your understanding of a home. Having French windows at home is nothing compared to this glass house in Japan!

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