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Furniture Series of Danish Design, Let You Experience the Sculptural Beauty

Danish design is always praiseworthy. It is concise, implicit, and full of artistic beauty.

The soft and comfortable low contrast tones give people a comfortable feeling, which is why we’d love to  introduce you to some household products from 6 emerging Danish designers and offices. Some products continue the simple impression of Danish design, while others are crafted in bold colors. No matter the color, their superior quality and comfortable feeling is consistent across the board.

Let’s take a look at these exemplary products!

Concrete Side Table

Designed by Pettersen & Hein

The wild beauty of the concrete is brought to the furniture design, showing unexpected harmony.

The crisscrossing of curves and the blend of different materials combine together to form a work of sculptural beauty.

Photo: Hotel Charlottenborg

The Cherry On Top Series

Designed by Helle Mardahl

Helle Mardahl’s latest collection is colorful. Each piece is hand-blown in Copenhagen to feature soft shapes that are elegant and unique.

Photo: Maja Karen Hansen

Sol Series

Designed by Kristel Laurits

The Sol series takes inspiration from the sun . The whole series brings warmth and hope to people just like sunshine.

It adopts CNC and laser technology to make cabinets, shelves, benches, mirrors, and mats.

Nifty shapes and colors instantly brighten your mood!

Photo: Clara Cohen

Environmentally Friendly Furniture


This collection is designed by both Josephine Andredottir and Emilie Bobek.

The stools and side tables are made of eco-friendly handmade materials. The designers combine discarded foam mattresses with epoxy resin and other materials to reduce waste while creating exquisite and beautiful art.

Photo: Christian Bang

AIO series

Designed by MIJO STUDIO

The hand-printed pattern of the AIO seat is very dynamic paired with two half-moon pillows, this piece, and its elements are comfortable and attractive.

Photo: Sofie Barfoed

Marble Table

Designed by Lisette Rützou

The marble coffee table designed by Lisette Rützou is inspired by the grand columns of ancient architecture, and are accompanied by the abutments which are made of sturdy steel. Full of power, the details are bold and inviting!

Photo: Lisette Rützou

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