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2021 Popular Color Scheme of Interior Decoration

PANTonEVIEW Home+Interiors, a global color authority, announced the popular color scheme of interior decorations in 2021. Affected by the COVID-19 at the beginning of the year, the fashionable colors in 2021 are generally more innovative, changeable, calm, and meditative. It is hoped that the original vitality released by the color will help heal people who have just got rid of the predicament, bringing them a soothing, fresh, and relaxing home environment.

Botanical Garden

The color of green reflects a sense of vitality and a hint that everything comes back to life. If you feel tired after a full day’s work, it will make you feel relaxed and bring you a moment of peace. What’s more, the strong colors are combined with some metal, glass, and other elements to create a retro sense of high quality, bringing a different visual experience to the interior.

Beryl Green

Compared with the botanical garden, the beryl green is more refreshing, romantic, and warmer, as if it adds some human touch to nature. The proper collocation in interior space also creates a bright, simple, and concise visual feeling.

Harbor Blue

The harbor blue is like adding some blue to the dark green, not like a pure single color, so the combination of the 2 colors will bring an extraordinary visual feast.

Aqua Haze

The low-saturation aqua haze exudes a hazy, warm, and gentle sense of peace. When fresh colors are placed in the space, it can present a romantic and comfortable vibe, giving you a calm and soothing mood in an instant.

Captain’s Blue

The blue is the color of sky and sea, and it is full of vitality. Adding a certain gray tone to the blue will deliver a healing and soothing power to people. The unassuming captain’s blue is quiet and introverted, elegant and advanced, so when you stay here, you will involuntarily forget all the pressure outside the space.


Elderberry is a deciduous shrub. It is said that properly treated elderberry can produce blessings. The Scots are used to collecting elderberry leaves before May 1 and hanging them on the door to drive bad luck and bad things away. Maybe Pantone’s listing of elderberry on this set of color palettes is also meant to keep away from bad things.

Heirloom Lilac

Lilac purple is very popular among young people with its elegant hues. When people think of purple, most will think of it as mysterious, noble, romantic, and elegant. Like your first love, lilac purple can always bring the finishing touch to the interior, allowing people living in the space to feel the unique temperament of gentleness.


The filmy pink seems to have a “sweet but not greasy” feeling at a glance, and there is a hint of advanced and quiet in its gentleness. How can you not love it?

The 2020 progress bar is over. In 2021, interior design will lean more towards a bright, concise, and advanced aesthetic experience. There is no extravagant decoration, but it can create a comfortable space with elegant lines and vibrant colors.

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