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Back to School Gift Guide 2021

Although we are still enjoying the lazy summertime, back-to-school season is approaching, and with it comes the need to stock up on the essential things that students will need for the new semester. With our picks for back-to-school gifts, you’re not just rewarding the kids for all the previous school year’s hard work. Read a little about each and follow the link to purchase!

Book Reading LED Panel

Reading or studying into the night? With the Imu reading light panel, you won’t need to worry about waking up your partner or roommate. Simply turn on the light switch and place the translucent portion of the panel over the page you want to read. The LED lamp keeps the light on the page where you need it.

Glamour Cat Ear Tumbler

When it comes to glitz and glamour, our Glamour Cat Ear Tumbler is all ears! It has a large capacity and comes with a screw-top lid and reusable straw. Add pizzazz to your favorite thirst-quenching drinks.

Mini Garden Gel Pen

Plant little seeds of imagination! The Mini Garden Gel Pen comes topped with a clear little plastic planter and real seeds you can watch grow. The perfect gift for story writers of all ages.

Camera Inspired Water Bottle

Stay hydrated and stylish throughout the entire picnic season with this Camera Inspired Water Bottle by your side! Featuring silicone that will keep your water sealed and safe, this water holder also has a handle that can be slung around the shoulder for easy carrying.

Cute Cat Pen Holder

With a whole lot of sass and cuteness, these cute cat pen holders are a darling addition to your desk. There are 5 adorable styles, including a tabby and calico. They’ve been designed to perfectly hold your pen or pencils, or perhaps your favorite paintbrush. Get one, or get the whole collection of five. These are darling additions to any workspace.

Steampunk Journal & Pen Set

Add a Victorian touch to your handwritten thoughts and note-taking. Our Steampunk Notebook & Pen Set is a must-have for calligraphy buffs and Steampunk aficionados.

Lipstick-Inspired Keyboard

This keyboard is a great choice for the trend-loving makeup maven in your life. You’ll find the keyboard offers a comfortable design, to help avoid fatigue after hours burning up the letters while working. The overall design of the keyboard looks like a collection of lipsticks, which is wholly delightful and fun.

Cute Eggy Bear Sandwich Notebook

The adorable design of these notebooks makes them almost too cute to use. Each of the covers features a darling eggy bear, appearing to be snuggled on a piece of bread. There are several colors to choose between, with each having 106 pages for you to jot down your thoughts or write poetry.

Cactus Fan

Delightful and cute, this cactus fan is portable and fun. You’ll love the low noise and energy-saving design of the fan. Take it with you on the go, and enjoy a cool refreshing breeze. There are four colors available, including white, pink, green, and blue. The fan stands just 7.4” tall and is 4” across. It’s a great little fan you’ll adore.

Glass Cup, With Glass Straw

Enjoy your favorite iced coffee or juice, with this great glass cup. The lid and straw will keep your drink fresh and free from spills when you’re on the go. Choose between two styles, or get one of each so that you always have the right cup no matter where your adventures may lead you.

Purple Tulip Paperclip

With inspiration taken from the pretty tulip, these purple paper clips are a great way to keep paperwork together, mark your place or just decorate your notes while you’re studying. Each box has twelve in it, so you will have plenty to express your personality at home, at work, or at school.

Kids Painting Book

Foster fun and creativity in your child with this Kids Painting Book. Sold in a giraffe and dinosaur design and various page options, this book is sure to keep your child engaged and entertained.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set

The honeycomb keys give you a more comfortable hand feeling. The concave arc and frosted texture of the keycap can effectively relieve the fatigue of fingers after a long time of working.

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