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2021 Interior Design Trends Part One

A lot of design agencies, designers, and critics have made predictions about 2021 interior design trends, many of which have coincided with each other.

Most of the predictions are based on studies of the 2020 data, but there are also new trends that have emerged in the design industry, ranging from discoveries of the past year to discoveries of the future. We can discover from it which design concept is worth considering and exploring.

Nostalgia in interior design has become a popular trend in 2020 as a way to make our homes more comfortable, according to a report by Modsy, an online interior design website. This trend doesn’t mean modern design is not out of date, but we can not deny that 70s and 80s retro designs are drawing more public attention. We can expect a trend shift towards traditional decoration.

Retro Style in the 70s

Just like the fashion industry, the interior design industry brings back one contemporary classic interior design every year. The wave shaped warm colors of the 1970s is part of the 2021’s comeback.

Modern 80s Trend

Inspired by the postmodern design movement created by the Memphis Design Group, the modern 80s trend is coming back in 2021. Large and stylish geometric patterns and bright colors will become popular in 2021.

Filled with fun and personality, the iconic retro polka dot printing will be reborn in interior design.

The 1980s trend was inspired by Art Deco, geometry, Pop Art, and Kitsch in 1950. This interior style was out of date when the minimalist movement came up in the early 90s.

With the 80s trend coming back, there will be more playful shapes, bold patterns, and colors whether for curtains or furniture. The new Memphis trend broke through the philosophy of “less is more”, which infused it with lots of fun.

When you combine the key elements of the contemporary and classic interior design and integrate them with the iconic 80s design concept, you will get a brand new unique style.


In Out Studio

Urban Style

The street art movement that began this decade will bring the urban aesthetic back to interior design with a modern feel.

Neon lights, a popular interior design trend in the 90s.

Wallpaper on the Ceiling

Check these out! Covering the ceiling with wallpaper is an upcoming trend.

Water Ripple Steel Sheets

As an unusual way to incorporate water into the interior design, this ripple style ceiling adds water-like tranquility to the space.

Dropped Ceiling

The dynamic dropped ceiling gained its popularity in the high-end interior design trends in 2021.

Colored Glass

Colored glass decor not only infuses emotions into the space, it also helps divide the space into areas of different uses.

Smart Home

To meet the needs of consumers, smart furniture has become a trend. We are now living in a world where people’s lifestyles are assessed according to technology.

Shades of Green

As a symbol of health, nature, and vitality, shades of green will remain beloved in 2021 interior design.





Wait for more great designs in 2021 Interior Design Trends Part Two!

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