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Unique Wall Hanging Plant Decor Ideas

Wall planters break free from our conventional understanding of flowerpots. Not only do they save indoor space but they also add decorative fun to your room. Placed in order, these hanging planters and the wall behind them proves to bring out the best in each other. Here we have collected ten creative wall hanging plant decor ideas for you!

For those Nordic or industrial style lovers, this simple wall-mounted planter is their best choice. Featuring a matte gray frame and a wooden base, this planter is sure to win the appreciation of all the guests!

Simple but conspicuous, these white triangle shaped planters are most recommended for climbing plants like air plants or string-of-beads.

These curved wooden wall-mounted planters are perfect for succulents.

Matte ash color with ceramic texture, this unique planter will upgrade your home’s style in a second. It is suitable for drought-enduring plants such as cactus.

As is shown in the pictures below, these wall-mounted white porcelain flowerpots look cute and serve as a great nursery for deep-rooted plants.

If you prefer plants sunbathed, we recommend the following planters. The mobile design of them allows the plants to absorb sunlight at any time.  

In addition to a plant hook, the cylindrical wood can also function as a coat hanger. Although the load-bearing capacity of the wooden hook can be very strong, lightweight flower pots are recommended because of security concerns.

Add colorful orchids or daisies to these folded triangle planters, which works to create a stunning spot.

It is modern to have a floating wooden planter, which takes up very little space. The hint of wooden materials helps create a lovely warm effect.

If you are a Gemini, these novelty wall-hanging planters are definitely your first choice to bring in a chic and modern style.

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