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Unique Gifts for the Gardener in Your Life

We all know that the best gifts are based on the recipients’ interests. Does your giftee love to garden or aspire to garden? Whether you’re holiday or birthday shopping, these gift ideas are sure to delight your plant-loving friends.

Smart Herb Garden

No outdoor space? No problem. Offered with professional-grade seeds and smart soil, this smart garden will help even the beginner gardener create an indoor garden. Featuring the LED grow lamp, specialized sensors, and large water tank, this smart garden will help you grow plants indoors with zero effort. It also makes a unique gift for the gardener in your life.

Bio-Bowl Forest World Terrarium

Create a beautiful indoor garden with this glass bio-bowl. Complete with ferns, natural stones, and a variety of live moss, the terrarium will bring a miniature forest to your home or workplace. Available only in the US in two sizes, the terrarium makes the perfect gift for your favorite plant person.

Happy Bunny Carrot Planter

This rabbit won’t ruin your garden! Instead, you can grow succulents or cacti in the hollowed-out carrot it’s happily dragging. Add this resin planter to your collection to create a gorgeous indoor garden. A unique gift for the gardener in your life, the white bunny will bring nature indoors while making their homes cuter.

Umbrella Shaped Wall Mounted Planters

If you’ve run out of room for plants on your tables and shelves, display new greenery on the wall in your home or on the garden fence in these inverted umbrellas. With a floral pattern, the distressed iron umbrellas can freshen up any space, making them the perfect gift for someone with a green thumb.

Mini Indoor Garden Tools Set

Your garden isn’t going to plant itself. Keep your houseplants tended with this set of mini tools. With a shovel for digging, a rake for leveling soil, and a trowel for lifting plants, you can handle all basic gardening tasks. The wood-handled iron tools make a perfect gift for the beginner gardener on your list.

Automatic Plant Watering Decoration

An easy way to keep your potted plants healthy and hydrated, these automatic glass waterers are offered in four cute styles that are great for mixing and matching. They make a unique gift for the gardener in your life who is planning a vacation, has a busy schedule, or just keeps forgetting to water plants.

Sun And Moon Garden Stones

Not all beauty is planted or grown. Collect a few of these stones to create a pathway in your garden. At night, the moons and stars will glow on the dark ground as they do in the sky, bringing cosmic beauty to your outdoor space. The suns are visible during the day. The stones make a great gift for garden lovers.

Solar Outdoor Light

Whether you’re looking to add interest to your outdoor space, or highlight key features such as your favorite plants, this solar light is the best choice. Hang it above your greenery. After dark, it looks as if a watering can was watering the plants! The lamp makes a great gift for the garden lover in your life.

Bird Cafe Feeder

Invite feathered friends into your yard, with a café-shaped wooden bird feeder. Open the roof, pour bird food into the café, and hang the café on a tree, or mount it on a pole. The tray design allows any birds to perch and feed comfortably. A perfect gift for bird lovers, the café is a fun way to liven up their yards.

Iron Double Seat Garden Bench

After exercising your green thumb, take a rest on this bench in a corner of your garden under a tree, and admire all that your hard work has achieved. Featuring sweet hummingbirds and flowers, the green iron bench will add to your garden’s appeal. It also makes a unique gift for the gardener in your life.

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