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Inventive Water Bottles Keep You Hydrated All Day

One of the most important things for your health is staying hydrated. It’s often hard to stay hydrated during a busy day, especially when you’re constantly on the move. Water bottles are a ubiquitous sight in daily life whether it’s for exercising or simply helping you to keep drinking water like you’re supposed to. While ordinary plastic water bottles are cheap, they are often very wasteful. One of the easiest ways to circumvent this is to buy a reusable water bottle. While generic store-brand water bottles are fine, designers are frequently coming up with advanced, inventive water bottles that offer incredible features to help you keep hydrated all day. We’ve highlighted a few of these great designs you won’t want to miss!

Keep your kids hydrated: Gululu

Gululu is a fun and interactive bottle designed to help kids stay hydrated by motivating them with a playful game.  It is available on Indiegogo InDemand. Read our blog for information.

inventive water bottles

Inventive water bottles that fill themselves: Fontus

Fontus is an incredible self-filling water bottle that uses solar power to collect condensation in the air and generate distilled water. In ideal conditions, it can produce roughly 16oz of water over the course of an hour.

inventive water bottles

Test and filter your own water: Ecomo

Ecomo is the first water bottle that will test and filter your water for you. Simply fill the water bottle, shake it to test it, and twist it to filter out contaminants.

inventive water bottles

Collapsible and Stylish: que Bottle

The que Bottle is an extremely stylish collapsible water bottle that fits securely in your bag without leaking. The unique design shrinks the bottle to half its original size without sacrificing its awesome appearance.

inventive water bottles

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