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Tips For Hosting The Perfect Summer Barbeque

It’s barbeque season and we want to make sure you’re starting the season off right. Hosting a successful barbeque isn’t easy. You need the right food, music, and decor. Here are a few tips to ensure your summer barbeque really stands out:

Update Your Backyard

Chances are, your guests will be spending most of their time outside. (It’s a barbeque after all!) Make sure your backyard is clean and aesthetically pleasing. If you need to mow the lawn and rake the leaves, do it. If you need extra seating, use our Juniper Outdoor Bean Bag Chair. This summer barbeque is a chance for you to really wow your guests with your backyard decor.

Don’t Forget About Table Decor

Paper plates don’t have to be dull and tired-looking. They can be fun! The easiest way to choose decor is to pick a color scheme. Once you know what colors you want, you can find decor to match. Don’t forget about a centerpiece. This Selenite Candle Holder will make a charming focal point. Plus, it’ll go with whatever color scheme you choose.

Provide The Right Kind Of Music

There’s no such thing as a party without music. Make sure you create a playlist worth listening to and take advantage of our VOOMBOX. It’s a portable, wireless speaker with superior sound performance. Your guests will be dancing and singing all night long!

Have Healthy Food Options

What do people serve at summer barbeques? Meat! And while you might think having burgers and chips is enough, it might not be. Not everyone eats meat and even if they do, it’s nice to have some healthier options. Yes, I’m talking about vegetables. It takes no time at all to whip up a vegetable platter and your guests will appreciate the gesture.

Make Sure You Have The Right Lighting

Your barbeque might start at 2 pm but it’ll go into the late hours of the night. Make sure you have enough outdoor lighting so your guests can see. Consider using this LED Globe Pendant Lights. These hanging lights will bring a warm glow to your patio, while also ensuring your guests don’t run into each other all night.

Don’t Forget About Bug Spray

With summer comes bugs…lots of them! Having our Anti Bug Spray on hand will keep your guests from scratching all night. Spray the outdoor area before your guests arrive and light anti-bug candles. It’s also a good idea to keep outdoor trash cans covered during and after the barbeque.

Have The Right Utensils

It’s always a good idea to have several sets of cookware. You don’t want to bring your expensive bowls and forks outside. Who knows what might happen to them! Keep your nice kitchen utensils inside, and use this Gourmet Kitchen Utensil Set for your outdoor summer barbeque. Not only do these utensils look good, but they’re made of silicone and easy to clean.

Add A Unique Touch

Do you want your summer barbeque to stand out? Give your guests something new. Something they’ve never seen before, especially at a barbeque. You could create a specialty drink. Or, a DIY bar cart. What about having a pinata? The options are endless. What matters is you have something that’ll really stand out!

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