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2021 March Birthday Gift Guide

March is coming! If you are searching for thoughtful gifts for your lover or friends, we’re here to provide you with unique birthday gift ideas, perfect for those special ones born in March.

People born between March, 1st and March 20th belong to the star sign Pisces, while those born later in the month are under Aries. Those who born in this month tend to be optimistic and creative. They will have a positive outlook towards life and always look for an opportunity, even in trying situations. What’s more, they are talented and will be intrigued by artistic things, so unique and creative gifts may be attractive to them.

Eight Planets Gemstone Bracelet

Aquamarine is a kind of water blue beryl, which is regarded as the “stone of the courage”. Legend has it that this beautiful gemstone comes from the bottom of the sea and contains the essence of sea water, so navigators use it to pray to the sea god to bless the safety of navigation. Many countries in the world regard Aquamarine as the “March Birthstone”, which symbolizes composure, bravery, intelligence, and eternal youth. Wearing aquamarine can make people have foresight.

Personalized Birthstone Heart Necklace

Customized with two shining birthstones and engraved names, this stunning Personalized Birthstone Heart Necklace is a one-of-a-kind expression of your love!

Constellation Bookmark

What’s one thing everyone needs? A bookmark! Whether you’re an avid reader or journaler, you need a way to hold your place. This Constellation Bookmark is elegant and simple. It’ll look lovely hanging from your book of the week.

Hand Mirror

The birth flower of March is daffodils, which is also known as Jonquil or Narcissus with a color of white, yellow, or orange. Narcissus is a figure from Greek mythology who was so impossibly handsome that he fell in love with his own image reflected in the water. Eventually, Narcissus drowned in the water, but his name lives on as the flower into which he was transformed. This heart-shaped Fate of Narcissus hand mirror features an incredibly detailed work that is perfect as a birthday gift.

Astronaut And Floating Balloon Ceiling Light

Add the perfect ceiling light to your bedroom, living room, or your child’s bedroom. This easy to install light features an astronaut and a balloon. If you are interested in space collection, this ceiling light is definitely not to be missed. You can create a fun display with other space-inspired accessories that will bring the room to life.

Hidden Home Planters

Beautiful little planters reveal a secret hidden home! There are two different styles to choose from, the charming hedgehog family, or the darling rabbit family, each telling its own sweet little story. These planters are perfect for a petite succulent or fern, so just let them bring a fairytale feeling to your house!

Lotus Bowl Tableware Set

Each Lotus Bowl Tableware Set features bowls with a variety of sizes to best suit your kitchen needs. Designed in a beautiful lotus shape, these bowls are easy to stack and place in your cabinet once you’re finished eating, organizing, or meal prepping.

Pig Tea Pet

Traditionally, a pig such as the ones in our Pig Tea Pet symbolize wealth and good fortune. Together, these piggies look as if they’re climbing in the tea pet that is waiting for you to nourish it with tea. Simply set the Pig Tea Pet upon your tea tray or table during tea time to bring you good fortune!

Creative Planet Lamp

Have you ever wondered about the mysteries of outer space? This Creative Planet Lamp will bring you a unique space vibe. Create the perfect ambiance in your living room, bedroom, or even your home office, with these beautifully designed mysterious planet lamps, which are truly beautiful works of art.

Cat Carrying Bag

Everyone has friends who love cats, so why not give them such a Cat Carrying Bag, they will definitely like it. This bag offers plenty of ventilation for breathability, along with easy to use carrying straps. For additional pet protection, each bag is equipped with temperature and humidity readings for peace of mind. Your friends and their pets will love this thoughtful gift!

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