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Palm-Sized Products: Champions of Kickstarter

These palm-sized products may be small, but they’re making a massive splash on Kickstarter and all over the internet this month. We’ve organized a list of amazing campaigns that have far surpassed their creator’s expectations and captured the world’s imagination. Each of these small but powerful products has rocketed past their goal. These creative gadgets and gizmos are designed to make your life easier, less stressful, and more fun. We’ve listed five of our favorite palm-sized products (in order of money pledged).

#5 – FluxBag

FluxBag is an inflatable bag that replaces foot pumps. It can be used to quickly and effortlessly inflate just about anything with a single breath using a decrease in air pressure.

palm-sized products

#4 – PicBot

PicBot is an intelligent rotating smartphone mount that you can control via smartphone app. This allows you to access features such as steady time-lapse photography, panoramas, and Facial tracking. It can even tilt and rotate to adjust the center of the frame while live filming using an automated motor.

palm-sized products

#3 Podo

Podo is an ultra-portable Bluetooth camera that can be attached to most surfaces for easy hands-free picture taking. It can be controlled using the Podo App, and has a time-lapse feature for capturing longer events.

palm-sized products

#2 Sgnl

The imaginary telephone is now a reality. Sgnl is a smart watch strap that enables you to answer phone calls through your fingertip simply by placing it to your ear while you speed through the embedded microphone.

palm-sized products

#1: Fidget Cube

Currently taking the internet by storm, this viral cube features tactile doodads on each side that let you mindlessly interact with them. Fidget Cube needed to be small and compact, but satisfy the urges of people who fidget everywhere. This tiny product has raised over $5 million in funding with many weeks to go.

palm-sized products

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