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Find Community with Elos Skateboard: Vendor of the Month


The Birth of New Board

While developing and creating Elos, Tom Wang wasn’t just trying to create a platform that’s easier to learn and ride.  He was trying to create a space to build community and relationships.

“The core value [of Elos] is very simple, it’s sharing good times,” says Wang.  The main “good time” Wang is referring to is riding on a skateboard.

Wang started to skateboard in high school and mainly used his board to practice tricks and jumps.  Once he was in college, waking up late to class inspired Wang to return to skateboarding so he could save time.  So one day Wang and some friends all gathered together, bought some skateboard and tried to teach each other how to ride.  This is when the idea for Elos was born.

“It was not that easy,” Wang recalled, and he realized he probably wasn’t the only one who had a hard time maneuvering a skateboard.

With a background in engineering, Wang’s first instinct was to see how he could simplify the skateboarding experience for his close circle of friends and family.  So he began to make modifications.

Over the past decade, Wang has made countless alterations and dozens of different versions. In 2016 he was finally able to master the equation for a board that’s easy to maneuver and carry around.


Why Elos?


The world is filled with different types of boards.  Longboards, skateboards and Penny boards.  So what does Elos have to offer?

“You don’t need Elos, it’s not a need,” says Wang, “It’s an opportunity, an opportunity to ride faster and with ease.”

Wang’s goal isn’t to replace existing boards like skateboards, longboards or penny boards.  He simply wants to create a board that a happy in between, it’s easy to ride carry around.  With its wide deck and short length, Elos offers you the same stability and cruising experience as a longboard but it’s easy to carry around.



During the designing process Wang realized this new board was the ideal board for the “short distance commuter” which is a population made up of young professionals and college students according to Wang.  

The feedback Wang and his team receive proves his two theories: 1) people wanted to enjoy the skate board experience and 2) people want a board that is easy to ride and carry.  They sold 20 boards at the 2016 San Mateo Makers Fair and their Kickstarter raised an extra $30,000 over their original goal. The people were speaking and Wang responded.

The Elos Legacy


Today hundreds of boards have been sold and Wang expects the sales to rise because Elos helps build an inclusive community where everyone belongs, and that is an experience that you can’t put a pricetag on.  

Community is the beating heart and driving force of Elos and Wang is doing all that he can to cultivate and grow the Elos community because Wang says this community is all about “Sharing the good time with the people you love.”

Wang and his team promote this community with special Elos deliveries, where they personally deliver the boards to customers and teach them how to ride.  Wang says this act has led customers to form meetups on their own and helped people meet other people with similar interests.

Wang says that he plans to host more meetups with customers to share his invention with other people who have the desire to ride and join a fun, thriving community.

Want an easy to ride board? Buy your own Elos board here!


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